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Three inspiring B2B marketing case studies

We get lots of request for examples of good B2B marketing, so here's a trio for you and all your family. 

For this post, I've been taking a look back at our shortlisted B2B entries from The Digitals awards, which were handed out last month.

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Holes, pegs and grease. HR’s view on digital transformation

Last week at Econsultancy London we held a roundtable discussion with some HR and L&D folks. The topic was digital business…GO!

Of course, it was Chatham House rules, but I thought I’d sum up some discussion points and some potential glints of light at the end of the tunnel, for big orgs seeking that holy grail, ‘Digital Transformation’.

Each business has different challenges and needs, but some of the following issues struck a chord.

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Start Me Up! A profile of Job Bounties

Job Bounties is founded by recruitment entrepreneur, James Uffindell, who believes the UK recruitment industry is far too expensive, with the cost per hire in the UK double that in the US.

To counter this, he recently launched Job Bounties, which takes the principles of social recruitment databases like LinkedIn and adds a new type of social P2P business model that isn’t advertising revenue based or controlled by recruitment agencies.

I've been asking James about the thinking behind Job Bounties, and its plans for the future. 


Demand for mobile freelancers soars: trends

In my latest post looking at how marketers are using freelancers, I wanted to drill down on a major trend I’ve observed over the last year, an increase in demand for mobile specialists

We've seen a 94% increase in mobile development jobs posted in the year leading up to March 2012. The need for digital marketing freelancers has developed through 2012, with a quarterly growth of 24%.


The global digital marketing freelancing trend

Last month I revealed stats from Elance that showed how the demand for online digital marketing freelancers has soared and so, this time round, I thought I’d look at how this has become a global trend with more and more companies looking to source freelancers from across Europe and further afield.

On Elance, the US is the largest user of human cloud outsourcing, but Europeans have really embraced this way of hiring digital marketing expertise in the last year.

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Demand for digital marketing freelancers soars: trends

Hiring online freelancers for marketing roles and projects is a trend that has experienced significant growth over the last year.

We’ve seen a 106% increase in digital marketing jobs posted on Elance for the 12 months leading up to March 2012. And, the increase from UK businesses was even greater (124%).

There has also been a 215% increase in marketing jobs completed and a 188% increase in client spend.

In the first of a series of monthly posts, I'll look at more trends in digital marketing jobs...


UK job moves: Immediate Media, Panasonic, Saint, Yummi Media

Once again we compile the most senior, surprising and influential job moves in the UK.

This time we cover a switch from Hello! to Radio Times, a promotion at Panasonic, big changes for Saint and a new senior hire for Yummi Media Group.



APAC job moves: Block, DMD, Grey Australia, Oddfellows

Once again we compile the most senior, surprising and influential job moves in the APAC region.

This time we discuss a four-strong bolster for Block, a new chief exec for Digital Music Distribution, a well-earned promotion at Grey Australia and new blood at Oddfellows.



UK job moves: Carat, GroupM,, Yahoo

Once again we compile the most senior, surprising and influential job moves in the UK.

This time we cover fresh blood at Carat, a new division for GroupM, a huge hire for and sad news at Yahoo.



The social job seeker: infographic

Social media is now central to every savvy job seeker's armour, and recruiters are also switched on to using it to source great candidates.

For the former, it's a source of information. It allows you to get the word out about your search, collate recommendations and connections into an online CV - and build a good reputation in the process. 

As a recuiter, the same applies, but in the reverse.

To many marketers, this is fairly standard - but how do consumers feel about this? Are they using social media in their job search?


How to impress at an SEO interview

More students than ever before begin university this autumn and they’re likely to graduate into a tough job market.

So what can would-be SEOers do to boost their employment chances?


Digital graduate schemes: who's investing for the future?

A large concern that I’m hearing across the industry, certainly in the UK at least, is that there seems to be a widening gulf separating those who have digital skills and those who don't.

I think this is partly due to a lack of training investment by companies, for fear of staff leaving to rival companies later on: the online sector has a reputation for notoriously high staff churn.