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Ayssa Adnani of on a UX-focused redesign was redesigned recently, with a focus on providing an improved user experience, and tempting visitors to look at more than just recipes. 

It's a tricky balance to strike, and the aim was to continue the focus on recipes, while attempting to showcase the other content and areas of the site. 

I've been speaking to Jamie Oliver Head of Online Ayssa Adnani, and Pixelgroup, who were responsible for the redesign. 


It’s time to do away with a project focused view of the web

Are you about to launch yet another web redesign project? If so, think again.

One of the reasons organisational websites fester and decay is because companies are good at projects and poor at iteration.

Most organisations like to think in terms of clearly defined projects. In many ways this makes a lot of sense. Projects are easily quantifiable in terms of the budget, resources and time involved. It is easier to find budget and resources for finite projects rather than ongoing investment.

This is why redesign projects are so common within web design. Organisations love them because they have a clearly defined scope and provide an easily identified deliverable.

In short, for specific investment you can see a tangible change.


The seven major problems with the new Digg

News aggregator Digg relaunched last week with a new ad-free design that puts more emphasis on big images to lure in readers.

It is a big step away from its previous design that displayed all links in the same way, and now looks more akin to a curated news site, as opposed to an aggregator.

The way stories reach the homepage has also been changed – it no longer relies on diggs from regular users and instead takes into account shares on Facebook and Twitter as well as employing editors to curate the content.

For old users or those familiar with the previous site the new version is almost unrecognisable, so it seems Digg’s new owners have realised that the old way didn’t work and are pitching for a whole new audience.

But in the short term most of its traffic is going to be from previous users who want to see how the new site works. 


Google+ gets a major design overhaul

When Google+ was unveiled in June of last year, it was clear that the company had created its best social networking product to date.

Obviously inspired to some extent by Facebook, if Google+ had been launched by a start-up instead of the world's largest search engine, some pundits might have labelled it a potential threat.

And for good reason: there was a lot to like about Google+.

It was clean, sort of like Facebook back in the day, and lest it be accused of copying Facebook entirely, Google added some interesting features to the mix - such as Circles and Hangouts.


Q&A: Malcolm Coles on the new Mirror website

The Mirror relaunched its website this week, with a cleaner design and integration of personalisation technology. 

I've been talking to Product Director at Trinity Mirror (and Econsultancy guest blogger) Malcolm Coles about the thinking behind the new site design. 


BBC Sport website gets mixed reviews

The BBC today unveiled its new look sports website, which follows the redesign of its homepage in September. 

The new look includes replacing the side with top navigation, wider page layouts, and a new colour scheme, which is great if you like yellow and blue.

As always when the BBC makes any changes to its website, opinion is divided...


BBC launches new homepage in beta

The BBC has been changing its homepage again, and the new beta version "demonstrates a new ‘visual-first’ approach to showcasing the breadth of our content on the web."

The new page looks good, and represents a significant change from the current version, which was introduced in February 2008


New Waitrose website panned by users

Grocery retailer Waitrose launched a new website earlier this month after a £10m revamp, but there has been a flood of negative feedback from customers. In response, the retailer has been forced to issue a statement promising to address some of this issues raised. 

Website redesigns are never going to be universally popular, the recent Gawker redesign is one such example, but the new Waitrose website has provoked much more criticism than most revamps... 

new Waitrose


The Conran Shop: site review

Luxury retailer The Conran Shop had a website redesign last week, and I've been checking out the new look version. 

The site contains a number of expensive designer products, but is it doing enough to showcase these big ticket items?



Ryman: site review

Stationery brand Ryman has launched a revamped version of its website this week, with the retailer aiming to make much more of its online presence. 

The website has been completely redesigned, while an improved product management system will be used to manage and control stock across different channels. 

I've been seeing how the new website looks from a user experience perspective...


Q&A: Rail Europe's Stuart Alldis

Rail Europe recently unveiled a complete redesign of its website, which I reviewed earlier this week. 

I've been speaking to Stuart Alldis, head of e-commerce at Rail Europe, about the new design, how the volcanic ash crisis provided a stern test for the new site, and the challenges of making a relatively complex process simple for the user. 


Site review: National Rail Enquiries redesign

National Rail Enquiries relaunched its website last month, giving the site a much needed makeover.

The site was redesigned by Fortune Cookie, and at first glance, seems to be a massive improvement on the old version with a fresher, cleaner look. How well does it perform for users though?