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Five things you need to do online in 2010

If sorting out the corporate website is your ambition for 2010, it can be pretty difficult to know where to start and what to prioritise. After all, you’re bound to have a budget to stick to. So where should you start?


Site review: Auto Trader

Motoring website Auto Trader has recently launched a new version of its site in beta, updating the technology behind the site and introducing a more modern design.

The Auto Trader mobile website was impressive when I reviewed it recently, so I've decided to have a closer look at the new desktop site. It's a pretty big site, so I've confined my review to a used car search...


The New Statesman vs The Guardian - spot the difference

Spot the difference: The New Statesman and The GuardianRedesigning websites is always a challenge. On the one hand you want to improve things and innovate. But on the other it’s a case of ‘why reinvent the wheel?’.

Why indeed? But even wheels should have their own identity. In some cases the idea of doing what works best isn’t executed with distinction. 

Mirroring usability and functionality is one thing, but copying the look and feel from another website is not particularly big or clever. Especially when that website is one of the world’s larger media sites.

You be the judge...


Site review:

A redesigned version of the Adams Childrenswear online store was launched last week, with the aim of giving the site a more updated look and improving the overall performance.

I've been taking a look at the new Adams website, which was developed by Real TSP...

Adams homepage


Be Broadband's new website not a hit with users

Broadband service provider Be Broadband has just launched a brand new version of its website, and it's not proving to be too popular with customers so far.

The company, to its credit, has admitted as much on its Twitter account: 'We get the gist of the feedback; our new website is live and you don’t like the look of it. We’ll listen and learn over the next few days.'

Here's the lovely new homepage:

Be Broadband homepage


Q&A: Hiscox's Mike Beddington on selling financial services online

Insurance firm Hiscox recently relaunched its UK website, as part of a strategy to improve the company's online performance.

I've been talking to Hiscox's head of online and customer experience Mike Beddington, as well as UK web manager Stephen Rumbelow, about the revamped Hiscox site, and the challenges of selling financial products and services online...


The Daily Express gets a new look

The Daily Express, which bills itself as 'the world's greatest newspaper' has launched a new beta version of its website today with a new homepage layout.

Users are currently directed to the new version, while giving readers the option of using the original site, which provides an opportunity to compare the two...


Borders redesigns UK site

Book retailer Borders has just redesigned its UK website, less than a year after last relaunching, and has also introduced a new range of eBooks. 

There are some improvements, including new look product pages, more products displayed above the fold and clearer calls to action throughout the site.

There are a couple of issues on the site which hamper the user experience though...

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Travelocity unveils new homepage

Travel search engine Travelocity has redesigned the homepage on the .com version of the site, aiming to provide more inspiration for users with more deal and offers.

According to Travelocity, the aim was to achieve a balance between a simple page design and providing ideas for customers who may arrive at the site without a fixed destination in mind. I've been talking a look at the redesign...


Don't pretend to be something you're not

At some point, when you start a new business you come face to face with an interesting question: what the heck are we doing?

Chances are you had some idea of what you were doing before you started on your journey. You saw a problem. You thought you had a brilliant solution. You know the story.


Q&A: Leah Russell on the new website recently launched a new version of its website in the UK and France, with new sites for the rest of Europe to follow.

I've been talking to's head of customer experience Leah Russell about the thinking behind the new site, and the challenges of providing a usable website for different markets across Europe. homepage


Site review: Toys R Us

Retailer Toys R Us has just launched a revamped version of its website, with the stated aim of making the site more intuitive and easy to navigate for users.

The company, which also claims to have been the first national retailer to launch an e-commerce site back in 1996, has announced the fourth version of the site using the hybris e-commerce platform. So has it improved the user experience for shoppers?