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Google's new paid and organic report: An expert view

Google yesterday released a new paid and organic report in AdWords to 'help you better understand how people searching on Google are connecting with your business'.

According to the Big G, the new report is 'the first to let you see and compare your performance for a query when you have either an ad, an organic listing, or both appearing on the search results page'.

Here’s a pic of what the report looks like..


Stats and insight: The Russian digital landscape

Our new Russia Digital Market Landscape Report is the third in a series of trends briefings on the BRIC markets.

Like the Brazil and China editions released in 2012, this new report offers an overview for marketers and investors looking to Russia for new opportunities by bringing together direct input from those with knowledge of the market as well as a range of secondary sources.

There is much in this emerging market which is sure to appeal to marketers and investors…


10 interesting digital marketing statistics we’ve seen this week

This week there's, of course, the royal baby's impact on web traffic, some Facebook ad commentary, following their Q2 results, and some global ad spend data from Nielsen.

Feast on these, and try not to speak with your mouth full.


Companies struggling with mobile optimisation: report

Though almost three quarters of companies are planning to ramp up their spending on mobile channels this year, the complexities of providing an excellent customer experience on mobile is a challenge.

Two out of five companies surveyed said that delivering customer experiences on mobile is harder than on the web.

Our Reducing Customer Struggle 2013 report, produced in association with IBM Tealeaf, looks at these issues in more detail.

Here are a few highlights from the report...

How is ecommerce likely to evolve? Five key trends

How is ecommerce likely to evolve? Five key trends

Ecommerce is an ever-changing feast and predicting which trends will hold is an imperfect science, but we're going to have a go anyway. 

Here, in extracts from our Building an Ecommerce Team: Best Practice Guide, we pick out the themes we consider the most important in the context of their impact on ecommerce teams.


14 fascinating insights from Econsultancy's 2012 reports

Our research team has been extremely busy this year writing dozens of reports on digital marketing and ecommerce.

Due to the vast amount of content they produce it's possible that some of them may have escaped your attention, so here's a round up of most of our surveys and reports from 2012 including some of the juiciest stats.

The topics include conversion rate optimization, multichannel shopping, content marketing, digital outsourcing, user testing, email and search.

So, here are the stats...

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Social is now integral to business strategy: report

Most companies now look at social media as a key part of their marketing and overall business strategies, according to new research by Econsultancy and Adobe

66% of digital marketers surveyed working for companies with an annual turnover of more than £100m agreed that ‘social media is integral to business strategy’, while 67% said that social media activity was ‘integral to their marketing mix’.

Our Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Managing and Measuring Social looks at social media uses, challenges and needs from companies today. It is based on a survey of 650 marketing professionals. 

Here are a few highlights from the report...


What are the most important challenges facing paid search?

Earlier this year, Econsultancy launched the latest edition of the Paid Search Agencies Buyer’s Guide.

As is the case for most buyer’s guides, we invite experts from top agencies within the field to share their knowledge on what is happening within the industry. 

So much material was contributed for the guide that we couldn’t include all of it. Instead, we are offering some of their insights here on the blog.


What are the biggest opportunities within paid search?

On the research team at Econsultancy, before we put together our guides we often seek the input of professionals working at the sharp end of their field.

This was no different for our Paid Search Agencies Buyer’s Guide, where we asked leading specialists from paid search agencies to contribute some of their thoughts as to what has been happening within the industry. 

As is always the case, we received far more input than we could put in our report, so we would like to share some of it here.

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Google launches display ad business trends report

Thanks to its $3.1bn acquisition of DoubleClick in 2008, Google is one of the biggest players in the display advertising space.

It's a competitive market on the advertiser side, but companies like DoubleClick must also compete to woo and retain publishers. So Google is making a concerted effort to do just that by sharing some of the data it's gleaned from the DoubleClick network.


Search and social media marketing spend remains strong – new report

Digital marketing budgets in search engine and social media marketing are continuing to rise despite challenging economic conditions, according to research released today.

The UK Search Engine Benchmark Report, published in association with NetBooster, has for the past five years shown that companies have continuously invested in the opportunities present in SEO, paid search and social media marketing.


Econsultancy reports roundup: March 2012 month, Econsultancy publishes a range of reports covering best practice, market data, template files, trends and innovation and more. In short; loads of useful stuff. 

Econsultancy members (Silver and above) have access to all our reports free of charge, but as our research team is currently firing on all cylinders, I thought it would be useful for new members (and existing ones) to have a quick roundup of everything we’ve published in the past month. 

This month we published seven new reports and updates, including the Internet Statistics Compendium, The Econsultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Census, our new SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide, a B2B trends briefing, a display advertising best practice guide and more. 

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