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What can DSGi do about its employees' Facebook group?

As reported at the end of last week, staff from DSGi group, which runs Dixons and PC World, have set up a Facebook group which includes several posts slagging off customers.

The DSGi employees' Facebook group, which has 3,000 members, is marked as unofficial, but it will still cause plenty of embarrassment to the company, and won't go down too well with any customers whoh happen to read it.


Top ten online PR fails

A number of brands have fallen foul of social media over the last few years, either due to lack of understanding of how information spreads online, or by attempting to manipulate the system and getting caught out.

I've listed ten examples of companies who have suffered PR nightmares online, in most cases the bad publicity has come via social media sites...


Want to know how many retweets you are getting?

Keeping an eye on mentions of your brand / company on Twitter is important, and pretty easy to do, with the range of Twitter search tools available, but one measure of your success on the site is the number of retweets you are getting.

I've just come across a useful tool (though it has been around for a few months) that allows you to see how many retweets you are getting on Twitter, as well as tracking the most popular Twitter users.

Developed by Mike Sheetal of UltraSuperNew, Retweetist tracks and ranks Retweets; I've been trying it out...

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Q&A: Guy Stephens of Carphone Warehouse on online customer service

Guy Stephens is the Knowledge and Online Help Manager for Carphone Warehouse, having joined the company in September last year.

I talked with Guy about how Carphone Warehouse provides help and support to its customers online, his plans to improve the service offered, as well as the company's attitude to Twitter and other social media.