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Q&A: Photobox MD Lawrence Merritt

Lawrence Merritt is MD of Online digital photo service Photobox. 

I've been asking Lawrence about the print on demand marketplace, iPhone apps, and his customer retention strategies... 

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How to win at recruiting in five steps

The difficulties tech companies, particularly in the Silicon Valley area, are having recruiting engineering talent, has been attracting lots of attention lately. For technology companies of all shapes and sizes, people are a huge asset, and that means recruiting is crucial to a company's success.

Unfortunately, recruiting the right people who are going to help your business grow and succeed can be difficult under most circumstances.

Here are five tips for winning the recruiting game... 


Q&A: GetLenses CEO Michael Kraftman

Michael Kraftman_medium

Get Lenses sells contact lenses online, undercutting offline opticians by 20% or more, and the company now has annual sales of more than £6m. 

I've been talking to CEO Michael Kraftman about the challenges of growing the online contact lenses market, and how the site achieves retention rates of more than 75%...

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10 reasons why Xmas shoppers won't return to your site

With record online spending expected this Christmas, retailers have a great opportunity to acquire and retain new customers. 

If customers have an excellent experience through purchase to delivery (and beyond if they need to return items), then they are more likely to return to make future purchases.  

I've listed ten things for retailers to avoid once a customer has made a purchase online...


Why online retailers shouldn't charge for returns

Even if a customer has had an excellent experience with a retailer through the buying and delivery process, returns is one area where things can go wrong. 

Making the returns process easy and free for customers is one way to ensure they retain a positive impression of a retailer, even if the product wasn't suitable for them. This makes is more likely that they will return and make purchases in future. 

Charging for returns is one sure-fire way to annoy customers and deter them from future purchase, so I've been looking at etailers' returns policies to see which ones are doing this...


Q&A: Euroffice CEO Simon Drakeford on customer retention

SD Portraiture_001

Darwin Private Equity recently acquired a majority stake in Euroffice, backing a management buyout of the company. 

I've been talking to CEO Simon Drakeford about the deal, how the company will use the investment, and how a focus on customer retention has helped Euroffice to grow despite the recent economic situation. 

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Q&A: Lovefilm CEO Simon Calver

I've been speaking to Lovefilm CEO Simon Calver about how the business will evolve digitally over the next few years, and his views on customer retention and social media.


Customer service is more important than the cheapest price

I’ve had a theory for a long time that the majority of people want quality products and great customer service more so than a good cheap deal. Don’t get me wrong, people like value for money, but not at the cost of a shoddy experience.  

I think you can take Ryanair as a good case-in-point, whereby some people still want great customer service after paying peanuts. For people who are more realistic, it’s worth paying that little bit more for a better experience. After all, our time and how we feel, are the most important things for many people.


Q&A: Zappos' Jane Judd on customer loyalty

Zappos has built up a reputation for excellent customer service, and owes much of its success to this. The fact that 75% of its business comes from repeat customers provides convincing evidence of its importance.

I've been asking Jane Judd, who is the senior manager of Zappos' Customer Loyalty Team,  and was one of the keynote speakers at the recent Internet Retailing conference, about the company's approach...


12 brilliant 404 pages

A huge part of user experience is ensuring site navigation is as easy as possible, in order to retain anyone who happens to be browsing your site. But what happens if there’s a broken link or a page doesn’t load? 

The answer has two scenarios: Either the user will leave, or with a bit of help, will find their way to the right page. More often than not, in these situations, it’s the 404 page that will decide the outcome, so how can you maximise their effectiveness?


Love your customer service staff, love your customers

There's an old adage about it costing five times as much to acquire a new customer as to retain a new one. So why – in these difficult times - aren't more businesses focused on reducing customer churn, and improving customer service levels, to generate more repeat business? 

This is fundamentally a cultural problem for many companies. There needs to be a shift in the mindset of larger organisations, in order to keep both staff and customers satisfied. I'm not sure that the balance is right, and I'm hoping that the next decade will be all about retention and satisfaction, so here I'm going to lobby for love. I want you to give more love to your customer services staff, for they are at the forefront of your push towards boosting customer satisfaction... 


Retailers need to focus on online customer service

When confronted with poor standards of customer service online, 94% of respondents to a survey said they would seek out a competitor or stop using the company's website altogether.

The survey, commissioned by nGeneraCIM, highlights the importance of meeting the needs of customers online, with 91% of UK web users saying thet customer service is important when buying online.