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Are companies getting smarter with email marketing?

Companies are gradually becoming more sophisticated in their email marketing efforts, with greater use of personalisation and segmentation in their campaigns.

The Econsultancy / Adestra Email Census 2010 also finds that, though some areas are improving, too few are integrating email with other marketing activities, while many still don't know their ROI from email marketing. 

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Social media ROI: The best of British opinion

I recently wrote a post where I revisited a number of social media statistics, which attracted a lot of attention. Among all of the feedback one trend stood out: people need more information about return on investment from social media. So I’ve decided to bat a few things around, as it’s quite a complex subject. 

We've written extensively about social media ROI in the past, and have also highlighted some social media engagement metrics that should help you. And now, I’ve gathered various opinions from some of the British heavyweights in social media, as everybody has different thoughts about this particular area.


How to control SEO spending post-recession

Remember back when the credit crunch was new? Every other blog post, including a fair few of mine, urged firms not to lose faith in online marketing, not to hack at their search engine marketing (SEM) budgets or lay off members of their online PR team.

I still think it’s important to hold marketing nerve. If you are to grow your business then a successful marketing strategy is essential and budget cuts are not going to help.

However, as the country shudders its way out of a historic recession, achieving an estimated 0.1% of growth in the last three months of 2009, it’s time to face facts. Your money need to work harder.


Web Analytics Buyer's Guide: required reading

Econsultancy's Web Analytics Buyer's Guide is a refreshing signpost in a perplexing world of web analytics tools, tips and traps. Essential for those wanting to understand the industry and critical for those looking to invest.


Five social media tips for 2010

2009 was a banner year for social media. Fueled in large part by the impressive growth of Twitter and Facebook and the adoption of both by major brands and recognizable individuals, it's safe to say that social media truly went 'mainstream' this year.

That means new opportunities, and new challenges, in 2010 as social media finds its place in the overall mediasphere. Here are five tips for companies looking to take their social media efforts to the next level in 2010.


Google gets deeper into display with Campaign Insights

Google's bread and butter is paid search but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have big ambitions for its display advertising business. After all, it spent $3.1bn in 2007 buying display advertising giant DoubleClick.

Google's challenge in taking display to greater heights is simple: show advertisers the money (read: ROI). The ease with which paid search ROI can be tracked is a big part of paid search's success. When it comes to display ads, however, that ROI is hard to pin down, because, well, 'nobody clicks on display ads'.


Social media ROI: is it worth waiting for?

Last week I published an article called ‘The 27 varieties of tweet used by retailers’ to show the breadth of topics covered on Twitter by retail firms. It also allowed me to answer the ‘but what will we tweet about?’ question sometimes posed by Twitter newcomers. 

Is social media ROI is worth waiting for?

To be clear, my position on social media is that it is helpful to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and that it can improve lots of key business metrics (sales, but more importantly profits, retention, customer satisfaction, etc).

Read that back: it can help all businesses, of all shapes and sizes. The trouble is that is going to be harder for the larger companies to implement social media, compared to smaller, more agile businesses. And is this effort likely to pay off? It's rather hard to say for sure... there's definitely a gamble involved here, and a real need to avoid the hype and bandwagon jumping that surrounds the social media space. 

Peter Cutler left a comment on my ’27 tweets’ post that raises this precise issue: "This is good. But where's the ROI? And time is money. So where's the Return On Investment?" 

Where indeed?


Sponsored Tweets: a case study in Twitter marketing fail

Yesterday, I discussed the official launch of Sponsored Tweets and voiced my opinion about the service. I wasn't impressed. But there's a saying about opinions that starts with "Opinions are like...".

So I thought it would be helpful to look at Sponsored Tweets from a different perspective: performance. The proof is always in the pudding and when it comes to marketing, that means that the proof is in the performance.


Social media: myth versus reality

The nature of the internet economy has given myth new importance in the digital age. One need only look at the field of SEO to see just how prominent (and destructive) myth can be.

Social media has a lot in common with SEO and one area where that's especially true is in the number of social media myths that have become entrenched. From the belief that social media ROI can't be measured to the idea that your business can thrive if you get to the right influencers, social media myths run rampant today.


Does social media lead to better financial results for companies?

How valuable is social media to business? The answer probably depends more on your opinion of social media than it does hard facts.

But a new study makes a bold claim: "deep engagement with consumers through social media channels correlates to better financial performance".


10 informative web design presentations

The web has been around for well over a decade now and during that time, the field of web design has evolved quite a bit. Yet while web technology has changed at a record pace, the principles of good design largely remain the same.

Here are 10 informative web design presentations that discuss web design and web design principles.


Social media doesn't drive purchasing decisions: report

Can social media influence purchasing decisions? Lots of time and money has been invested in a clear bet that the answer is 'yes'.

Some cite anecdotal reports regarding commercial activity on sites like Twitter, for instance, as evidence that popular social media services are playing an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions. But is social media the boon to the influence of purchasing decisions that many believe it is?