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Five lessons from KitchenAid's embarrassing presidential debate tweet

It's a brand's worst nightmare: a high-profile event is generating a huge amount of social media buzz and one of your employees, thinking that she's logged into her own Twitter account, inadvertently posts an embarrassingly insensitive tweet through the company account that h.

That's precisely what happened last night to KitchenAid. An employee whose name has not been released was apparently watching the U.S. presidential debate and decided to post a foolish tweet about the president's grandmother. Instead of posting it to her personal account, she posted it to the KitchenAidUSA account, which has more than 25,000 followers.


FTC seeks to expand restrictions on data collection from children

For more than a decade, companies in the United States operating websites that collect data from children have been required to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

At the time COPPA was implemented, the internet ecosystem was far less mature, and the law didn't cover all of the parties that today frequently collect data from children. So yesterday, the FTC published a proposal (PDF) with the intent of modifying COPPA to ensure that parties not currently governed by COPPA's rules are covered.


PR firms need to get hip to the new rules for reviews

PR has always been a tough industry. At the end of the day, PR firms are in the business of selling stories in a world filled with stories.

But PR firms aren't without tools that can help their clients stand out. One: free product.


What you can learn from Craigslist's controversy

By now, just about everyone involved in online media has heard of the 'Craigslist killer'. It's a tragic story that has sparked a debate about Craigslist and the way it manages its online community.

It's a touchy subject. There are more than a few people who believe that Craigslist is helping to facilitate these crimes by providing a hands-off environment. And there are more than a few people who believe that Craigslist simply offers a website and can't be held responsible for the actions of the people that use it. Good and passionate arguments are made on both sides.

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