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Infographic: Search engine market shares

Is Google dominant everywhere? Find out with our infographic showing search engine market shares across 10 countries around the world.

Two channels. One search. Zero excuses.

Most brands now engage in organic and paid search to a greater or lesser degree, but most do so with little understanding of the interaction between the two mediums, and therefore fail to acknowledge that search is one medium and not two and should be managed as such for maximum return.

Retailers: understand your search revenue through integration

Recovery. Confidence. Spending. These are terms that will that will be welcomed by retailers across the world as the global economy inches away from recession. They will now be looking to capitalise on the more optimistic outlook and report more positive results.

We are clearly not out of the woods yet, so all such supporting marketing activities, such as search, need to be justified with accurate measurement. However, to date there has been a fundamental flaw in the way that it is measured and could prove to be a major stumbling block.

Social media advertising for retailers

It is hard for any marketer to ignore the hype that surrounds social media. Facebook, Twitter, performance display and ad exchanges are bringing opportunities for retailers to generate demand within these massive new channels.

Facebook is probably the most accessible and it’s understandable that retailers are getting excited about its possibilities. We’re looking at a site with more than 400m active users, all of whom can be individually targeted and engaged through Facebook Ads.

Why SEM isn't all that

You have to love a contentious headline. In this article, I won't be declaring search engine marketing (SEM) dead. What I want to explore are the various ways you should support this kind of marketing elsewhere on your website.

Ready for the end of recession?

Do you believe the economy is now ready to recover or that we're in for a double-dip recession? Have you been worried about your business's survival? Are you simply looking forward to consumers becoming happier to spend their cash again?
Whatever your opinions and concerns, it's time to give some very real thought to your online marketing strategy and what you will do once the economy does finally pick up.

How to optimise your website from the ground up

Although much of the search engine optimisation (SEO) work carried out by agencies like mine is ongoing, there are important elements that need to be incorporated in the early days.

It's quite common for clients to approach us once they have just paid for a brand new website design. This is understandable, even if it's frustrating for SEO professionals. As far as the company is concerned, they now have their shiny new site so it's time to start marketing it with an SEO campaign.

Paid search spending is not going down

According to a recent post from Heather Hopkins at Hitwise, the share of search traffic coming from paid listings is decreasing at the expense of organic traffic.

The stats highlight a 26% decline in the share of paid clicks, but is paid search really falling? Let’s take a closer look...

Creating the complete SEO experience

You may have noticed that no one buys mere goods or services these days, they buy the experience.

When I attend my gym, the company isn't just worried about providing me with decent equipment and classes; it wants to ensure my experience is as good as it could be.

Joining the SEO and PPC dots

Running PPC and SEO campaigns in isolation from each other often means many learnings and advanced SEM tactics and techniques are being missed. This post looks at some of the ways your PPC campaign can inform your SEO strategy and vice-versa.

How to be good in the world of SEO

The Internet Advertising Bureau UK recently developed a set of good practice principles for online promotions, to ensure companies that collect and use data for behavioural advertising do so ethically.

Working words: How to write for SEO

I often fill these pages with rants about what not to do when writing copy for search engine optimisation (SEO) and for a web audience.

However, it struck me recently that I have not spent much time exploring best practice in SEO copywriting and how to ensure your content is as fit for purpose as possible.

I am going to remedy that today. Please comment if you have any questions or additions.