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Six design tips for making your website senior friendly

As the internet has become an integral part of modern life the stereotype that older generations tend to avoid using the web has become less and less relevant.

However a new study shows that senior citizens still find websites difficult to use and have a significantly lower success rate when it comes to completing tasks online.

The Nielsen Norman Group ran a series of usability tests on 29 websites among 31 people aged older than 65. The results were then compared to control group of 20 users aged 21-55.

It found that among senior web users the success rate for completing tasks was 55.3% compared to 74.5% among the younger age group.


To reach Gen Y, will financial services firms warm to the web?

According to a new report, members of Gen Y are less entrepreneurial and more risk averse than their older siblings, parents and grandparents. So it stands to reason that Gen Y, hard particularly hit by the turbulent economic environment of the past five years, probably isn't eager to invest.

But that may not be the case.