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Social monitoring & listening: What is it and do you need it?

Social listening was once a novel technology, even as recently as two years ago.

Today, there are dozens of social listening and social monitoring software providers, each touting capabilities that vary wildly and generally sound like black-box, secret-sauce voodoo magic.

Keeping track of your competitors

Analysing your competitors through social media monitoring

Social media monitoring can be used to perform various tasks in the advancement of your own brand. Generating leads, finding influencers and identifying key sites are just a few that could be mentioned. 


However, what is often overlooked is how these tools can be used to analyze competitors. By keeping track of your competition you can become the leader in your chosen area of expertise. 

This article is aimed at explaining the methods that can be put in place to track competitors through social media monitoring (smm) and what benefits this could have for your company.


US consumers more likely to moan about brands on Twitter: study

The US and UK are said to be two nations divided by a common language, and it seems they are also divided by a common social network.

A new study by 360i has found that Twitter usage patterns vary greatly between the two nations, particularly when looking at what time of day people are active on the network and how they engage with brands.

For example, Twitter users in the UK are more likely to be active in the late morning and early afternoon, specifically between 10am and 1pm, while in the US people tend to be most engaged after 6pm.


How should brands respond to the grassroots uprising against the #notw?

Any right-minded person would have been disgusted to hear that the News Of The World phone hacking scandal has taken its ugliest turn, with the revelation that Milly Dowler’s mobile phone was interfered with while she was still missing.

The story marks a watershed moment for the phone hacking investigation, where the general public’s apathy has turned to rage. There is the sense that D-list celebrities and arrogant footballers are fair game for phone hacking. But a murdered schoolgirl is most definitely not. 

As such, and inspired by this web page, thousands of Twitter users have started to ask the brands that prop up the News Of The World with their advertising budgets whether they will continue to do so. The implication is clear.