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The democratization of news media? Perhaps not

Back when social media first burst into the mainstream in a big way and popular Web 2.0 services like Digg and Flickr were the subject of articles touting phrases such as "the wisdom of crowds" and buzzwords like "democratization," it might have seemed that the web was truly changing the fundamental dynamics of information distribution.

But a new CNN study hints that some of the hype around this notion has been overblown.


Is Digg digging itself into a hole with its new design?

Digg may have been a Web 2.0 pioneer, but out of all the mature startups loosely grouped into the 'social media' category, it's one of the companies some might argue is well past its prime. While other upstarts born around mid-decade, such as Facebook and Twitter, continue to rise, Digg seems to be treading water.

That, of course, is not to say that Digg isn't very popular. It is. And that's not to say that it can't do wonderful things for publishers who hit the front page. It can.

But for both consumers and publishers alike, the Facebook and Twitters of the world have largely become more important when it comes to sharing and discovering interesting content on the web.


Blippy's credit card breach is a reminder of how fragile social web security can be

The new trend in online sharing has been experiencing an explosion lately. Just yesterday, The New York Times did a story on the new ways that people are sharing their personal information online. But then today, it came out that one of those companies exposed some of its users' credit card numbers to Google search.

Oops! Online purchase sharing site Blippy just closed a $11.6 million round of funding. And it's a good thing it did, because the company is going to continue getting a lot of flack for this for a long time.


Content sharing and discovery: is Facebook the new Twitter?

Facebook is the world's largest social network. It recently passed the 400m registered user mark and is now the a top five web property according to comScore.

But Facebook is fast becoming more than just the world's largest social network. With 5bn pieces of content being shared every week, and a whopping 60m status updates being post each week, Facebook can no longer be classified as a simple 'social network'.