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Conan O'Brien turns to Twitter post-Tonight Show

Want to break into Hollywood? Getting recognized via social media isn't the worst way to go about it. I recently wrote about Sh*t My Dad Says, which is going from Twitter to the small screen, with William Shatner no less.

But social media may also be a great way to break away from Hollywood. Case in point: former Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien


Sh*t My Dad Says: from Twitter to television in less than five months

Want to break into Hollywood? Try breaking into Twitter first. Just ask 28 year-old Justin Halpern and he'll tell you: Twitter can be your golden ticket.

On August 3, Halpern set up an account, @shitmydadsays. The purpose: share some of his 73 year-old dad's wisdom with the world. You see, Halpern had just moved back in with the folks and figured that some of the things his dad told him might be worth rebroadcasting on Twitter. Turns out he was right: @shitmydadsays now has over 700,000 followers.