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Bad news for online catalogue advocates: Australia prefers print 

It seems that online catalogues have a long way to go when it comes to engaging customers, as only 11% of Australians currently read catalogues online.

According to research conducted by the Australian Catalogue Association (ACA) in the lead up to Christmas 2012, more than 70% of Australians over the age of 14 prefer to read printed catalogues than online versions.


Australian group buying sites. Here to stay or fading fast?

Australians spent $504m on group buying sites in 2012, a rise of 1.4% on the year prior, leading some industry experts to predict that group buying is here to stay.

According to a new Telsyte study, in Q4 2012 Australians spent more than $130m on group buying sites and the combined revenues of the top five deal sites saw a growth of more than 9% year-on-year.

Groupon and Scoopon showed the strongest performances, seeing a combined 40% year-on-year rise.


eBay: we expect to take over $20bn through mobile in 2013

‘Market leader’ is a banned phrase at Econsultancy and for good reason, but unfortunately it’s also one of the only ways I can think of describing eBay when it comes to mobile.

The company expected to make $10bn in mobile revenues in 2012 and recent figures showed that its app has been downloaded by a whopping 43% of Android users.

Ebay has also held several high profile demonstrations of mobile shopping in London and been a prominent campaigner for improved 4G access in Europe.

I caught up with eBay's senior director for mobile commerce Olivier Ropars to see what the company has planned for 2013...


10 tips for improving the click and collect customer experience

Click and collect (or reserve and collect, or whatever) is becoming ever more popular, to the extent that it is now a vital offering for any large multichannel retailer. 

The reason? It fits perfectly with customer research behaviour, and allows retailers to drive footfall into their stores. 

The experience must be right to maximise sales, and a new report from ExperienceLab looks in detail at the click and collect experience of major UK retailers. 

It's a big report, but I've summarised some of the findings here and pulled out some key tips for retailers... 


What fashion and beauty retailers can teach you about site search

Style is everything when it comes to marketing fashion and beauty brands online. Consumers expect visually rich product presentations and easy ways to compare options like colours and sizes.

That’s why online merchants selling fashion and beauty products are at the forefront of implementing new ecommerce strategies that highlight their products in high style.

Just like they do on the high street, they fill their online storefronts with scintillating features that allow shoppers to browse colours, styles, silhouettes and patterns, with advanced search results, sorting options and merchandising tactics that help visitors quickly find the products they need and convert them into buyers.


Australian ecommerce: Nine stats you might have missed

The ecommerce landscape in Australia is becoming increasingly complex and although consumer spend continues to grow via online channels, retailers and marketers are seeing various positive and negative elements emerging in the marketplace.


Will 2013 be the year Australian retailers embrace new technology?

According to many industry experts, Australian retailers need to start incorporating new technologies into their stores this year in order to better engage consumers.

The use of technology in stores has grown significantly over the past few years, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. QR codes on shopfronts, iPads in restaurants and businesses, mobile wallets, interactive advertising walls - the list goes on. 


Woolworths and Wesfarmers become top-20 global retailers, as digital remains front of mind

Two Australian retailers have made it onto a list of the top-20 global retailers, showing that despite the current economic situation, some businesses are still thriving.

Both Woolworths and Wesfarmers made it on to Deloitte’s Top-250 retailers list, which was released in their 16th annual Global Powers of Retailing report. Ranked 17 and 18 respectively, they were the only Australian companies to have the required $3.5bn turnover needed to make the cut.


Online sales in Australia reach record high

Online sales in Australia reached a record high in the year to November 2012, with Australian consumers spending some $12.6bn online. 

November proved to be the peak month for internet sales, with online retail surging by 15% and the National Australia Bank Online Sales Index rising to 241 points, up 32 points from October. 


Research: Australian consumers want retail experiences to be digital

The promise of a new year has resulted in a lot of speculation about what the state of retail will look like over the next twelve months.

Mobile has continually been hailed as the top trend to watch, along with an increase in the number of Aussie retailers heading online and a focus on using data more intelligently to personalise communications and customer experiences. 

But this is from within the boundaries of the industry itself... What are the thoughts and opinions of consumers? 

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Mobile discovery driving transactions among Australian consumers

Nine out of ten Australian consumers use online media to discover more about products and just over 50% have used a smartphone or tablet to price compare. 

These findings come from Nielsen's latest research study, which was conducted in partnership with eBay and PayPal.

Over 3,000 adult Australians were surveyed as part of the study in an effort to better understand how Australians are using their mobile devices - something all the more pertinent, given the recent revelation that mobile is seeing rapid growth across the region. 


M-commerce spikes in Australia

The number of consumers using mobile devices to make purchases this holiday season has skyrocketed, setting December up to be the most digitally connected Christmas that Australia has ever seen.

According to PayPal Australia, 22% of Aussies have used mobile devices to make a purchase so far this Christmas and it is estimated that $5.6 billion worth of purchases will be made on mobile phones by the end of 2012.

This is considerably higher than the $155 million spent in 2010, showing that mobile shopping is quickly growing in popularity.