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The rise of video in 2013

As companies further embrace the need for content, video is becoming a bigger part of editorial calendars and content teams.

Gone are the days of shooting a 10 minute interview and slapping it up on YouTube. Consumers' tastes have become more sophisticated and short form video content has become our brain candy.

But what will 2013 bring the industry in terms of video?

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Is Google's YouTube original content push failing?

In late 2011, Google announced that it would invest $100m in developing original content for YouTube. The idea: team up with the most promising homegrown YouTube sensations, Hollywood studios, celebrities, brands and agencies to answer the question, "What comes after television?"

Since that time, YouTube has continued to forge partnerships, develop new content in desirable markets and evolve the YouTube user experience around 'channels.'


Five tips for building a healthy corporate culture

A lot is made of 'corporate culture' and many companies are keen to develop cultures that promote the success of both their businesses and employees.

But building a corporate culture is hard work. Case in point: the recent reports that Zynga was seeking to claw back equity from some employees has sparked a discussion about corporate culture in Silicon Valley, which can stereotypically be summed up as, "Work hard, work harder until you get bought out or IPO".


Zynga stomps on Silicon Valley tradition: report

Joining a young startup that goes on to become big is the stereotypical Silicon Valley 'dream.' And for employees lucky enough to have joined companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Groupon early on, dreams do come true.

Thank the Silicon Valley-originated practice of granting equity to employees for that. To attract the best and brightest, most technology startups have little choice but to give their employees an ownership stake in the companies they're helping build.

It's the Silicon Valley tradition that has become a standard, and for the employees who join startups that go on to do great things, equity can be the basis for fortunes large and small.


Will California's woes 'terminate' Silicon Valley?

For years, a small region in the western United States has served as a Mecca for technology entrepreneurs looking to follow in the footsteps of all the great founders who built their companies in a place known as Silicon Valley.

Companies including Intel, Apple, Google and Facebook, just to name a few, were all started in Silicon Valley, which is recognized the world over as the premiere source of so much technological innovation.

But are Silicon Valley's better days behind it? Silicon Valley is located in California, which was recently named the worst state to do business in the United States according to Chief Executive Magazine's annual Best and Worst States for Business survey. It's the second year in a row the state has earned the distinction.

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Is California done for as the world's tech hub?

For those of us who don't live in California (or even the United States), it's understood that there are plenty of great technology companies outside of California.

But even so, California, and in particular Silicon Valley, has a reputation for being the world's tech hub. And to be honest that's probably fair given the number of great technology companies that have come out of California and Silicon Valley over the years.