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Uniqlo: site review

Fashion brand Uniqlo launched a redesigned version of its website this week. 

We had a fair few criticisms of the previous incarnation when it launched in 2008, so I've revisited the site to see what has changed... 

Uniqlo 1

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The Conran Shop: site review

Luxury retailer The Conran Shop had a website redesign last week, and I've been checking out the new look version. 

The site contains a number of expensive designer products, but is it doing enough to showcase these big ticket items?



Gap UK: site review

Given the growth of e-commerce over the last decade, and its offline presence, the lack of a Gap e-commerce site in the UK has been a bit of a mystery.

This was finally rectified this week with the launch of a transactional site for Gap and Banana Republic (with a .eu domain).


I've been seeing how the new site measures up...  


Halfords: mobile site review

Halfords launched its first mobile website last week which aims to cater for users doing product research on the move, another multichannel move by the retailer. 

The new mobile site was developed by Salmon, and allows users to browse items and reserve them for collection from their nearest store. I've been trying the site out... 



Site review: British Red Cross relaunch

The British Red Cross website has been relaunched this week, with the aim of simplifying the functionality, making information easier to find, improving accessibility, and providing greater integration with social media channels

I've been having a look at the new site, designed by Aqueduct, to see how well it explains the charity's aims and encourages donations... 



Ryman: site review

Stationery brand Ryman has launched a revamped version of its website this week, with the retailer aiming to make much more of its online presence. 

The website has been completely redesigned, while an improved product management system will be used to manage and control stock across different channels. 

I've been seeing how the new website looks from a user experience perspective...


TruffleShuffle: mobile site review

TruffleShuffle specialises in 80s t-shirts, clothing and gifts, and has just launched a mobile version of its site. 

As an experiment, Pat Wood from TruffleShuffle printed out the mobile site reviews from this blog, hired a PHP / MySQL intern and asked them to build a mobile site based on our tips.

According to Pat, it's been live for a week, and orders have been coming through already. I've been checking the site out... 


Site review: is a new website from Ford Retail, which has been launched this week based on the belief that people are prepared to buy cars online without a test drive.

According to a survey quoted in the press release, 37% of web shoppers would purchase vehicles without taking a test drive, thus removing a barrier to online car buying.

I've been trying out the new website to see how it works...

2 comments iPad app review

Italian retailer Yoox already has an impressive mobile commerce site, and is one of the first retailers to produce an iPad app. 

I've been trying out the new app to see how Yoox has adapted to the iPad... 


Site Review: Rail Europe

Rail Europe, a subsidiary of French rail operator SNCF, officially relaunched its website this week, though it soft launched a few weeks ago, just in time for the volcanic ash crisis. 

The website aggregates tickets from rail operators across Europe, and aims to make it easy for UK customers to book rail journeys across the continent. 

I found plenty of usability issues with the Eurostar website recently, so perhaps Rail Europe offers a better alternative...


Mobile site review: Lyle & Scott

Fashion retailer Lyle & Scott launched its first mobile commerce site last week. 

With so many retailers launching iPhone apps, it's refreshing that one has decided to move into mobile commerce with a website.

I've been trying the site out...


Zugu: site review

Zugu is a flight search engine launched recently by Cheapflights Media. 

There are already plenty of flight search engines, so has Zugu done enough to stand out in a crowded market? I've been having a look at the new site and I've also added some user testing videos to see how others have found the site...