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Mobile site comparison: Rightmove and Globrix

Property search engine Globrix launched an updated version of its mobile website this week, with some extra functionality for iPhone users.

Rival Rightmove also has a mobile version of its property search engine, so I've been looking at the two mobile sites (on an iPhone) to see how the user experience compares...


Site review:

A redesigned version of the Adams Childrenswear online store was launched last week, with the aim of giving the site a more updated look and improving the overall performance.

I've been taking a look at the new Adams website, which was developed by Real TSP...

Adams homepage


Sainsbury's launches its non-food range online

Sainsbury's launched its latest online offering over the weekend, adding 4,500 products, including electricals, furniture and toys.

While rival supermarket retailer Tesco has been selling a wide range of products online for three years, Sainsbury's has been slow to get more of its product range online. I've been looking at the new range on the website...

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Site review:

Insurance firm Hiscox relaunched its UK website at the beginning of the month, with the aim of simplifying the company's online offering.

As well as providing general information about the firm, the Hiscox UK site allows customers to apply for insurance quotes and buy policies online. Providing complex financial products online can be a challenge, so I've been seeing how Hiscox performs in this area...

Hiscox homepage


Nowfly redesigns its flight search engine

Flight search aggregator Nowfly was launched at the end of last year, and the company has just launched a redesigned version of the site.

I reviewed the website in December shortly after it launched, and also interviewed CEO Dan Hart. I've been seeing what changes have been made to the Nowfly website.


Site review:

The Littlewoods Direct website has relaunched this week with a new name in an effort to appeal to younger customers, and billing itself an an 'online, social department store'

The site has been rebranded as Very, and contains a social network element with contributions from celebrities such as Fearne Cotton, as well as as the usual e-commerce stuff. I've been trying it out...


Mobile site review: The Independent

The Independent launched a new mobile website last week. According to the newspaper, the site aims to offer a 'faster, simplified version of its news for users on the move' 

A number of newspapers, including The Guardian and, have launched or revamped their mobile sites this year, so how does the Indie's offering compare?


Site review:

Having been one of the higher profile victims of the credit crunch, Shop Direct Group relaunched Woolworths today as an online retailer.

There is still some affection and nostalgia for the brand, so resurrecting it online seems like a smart move, but how does the Woolworths website shape up?

Woolworths hompage


Site review:

Having sold social search engine Jellyfish to Microsoft in 2007, founders Brian Wiegand and Mark McGuire started work on, which launched in beta this week. provides an online marketplace for users to buy a whole range of household goods; nappies, batteries, soap and more, and for CPG manufacturers to sell directly to customers. I've been trying the site out... homepage


Site review: Heal's

Furniture retailer Heal's relaunched its website recently, working with 10CMS and Venda to increase the company's online sales.

Heal's e-commerce head Mike Traill told Retail Week that the site has helped to increase conversions by 20%, and that the company is on course to drive 16% of its total sales via the web. I've been looking round the site to see what changes have been made...

Heal's homepage

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Asda improves its online offering was the third biggest supermarket online in terms of traffic in the most recent Hitwise Hot 100 list, but its site has been looking dated for a while and in need of a revamp.

However, the supermarket has recently launched a new version of, and has revamped its grocery, financial and Asda Direct sections.

Having pointed out ten things that Asda could do better online last year, including navigation issues, and the way the site's different sections linked up, I've been looking at the new site to see if it has fixed some of these flaws...

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Site review: Bill Monitor

Developed by mathematicians from Oxford University, Bill Monitor allows consumers to compare phones and tariffs and find the best price plan from the five network operators.

It has also received accreditation from Ofcom, meaning the site can place a nice logo on the homepage which should help reassure customers using the website to select their next mobile phone contract. I've been tying it out...