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Sky finally launches its internet TV service, NOW TV

In January, Sky announced that it would be launching a new online TV service later this year. Designed in large part to allow non-Sky customers to access Sky content, the service would allow its subscribers to access a variety of content, including movies and sports, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Right on schedule, Sky today announced that the service, dubbed NOW TV, will be launching tomorrow.


Sky announces on-demand web service NOW TV

Not to be outdone by Channel 4’s announcement about new channel 4Seven at the FT Digital Media Conference a few weeks ago, Sky this morning confirmed details of its new web TV service, called NOW TV, at the opening keynote of the Media Guardian Changing Media Summit in London.

Sky’s Chief Executive, Jeremy Darroch, said that it would provide on-demand access to Sky content on a wide range of broadband-connected devices.


Sky launches new online TV service

Hot on the heels of a new deal to stream BBC iPlayer and ITV Player through its on-demand service, Sky has launched a new online service that makes its content available to non-Sky customers.

Launching in the first half of 2012, the service will include a range of content, including Sky Movies with sports added later in the year, on a variety of pricing options.

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Sky adds BBC iPlayer and ITV Player to on-demand service

Sky has announced a new deal that will bring BBC iPlayer and ITV Player to its on-demand service from tomorrow.

It is the latest development in the battle for connected TV customers as providers try to ensure they offer viewers as much content as possible.

The satellite broadcaster has also announced that its Anytime+ service will be available to all Sky+HD subscribers with a broadband connection – previously it was only available to customers who received their broadband from Sky.

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Time Out to launch interactive TV guide with Red Bee Media

Time Out is to launch an interactive TV guide that will be competitive to Sky-funded Zeebox’s social TV service.

Powered by Red Bee Media’s newly launched RedDiscover technology, it will include full integration with Facebook, as well as real-time visualisations of Twitter conversations surrounding a show. 

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Sky Player fails the usability test

In a comparison of the user experience offered by VOD Player websites, Sky Player came bottom, 33% behind the top rated site, the BBC iPlayer. 

The iPlayer, with a score of 88% was well ahead of the nearest rival, and seems to provide the benchmark for such services. Since customers need to pay to subscribe to the Sky Player, the low score should be of concern to Sky. 

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Online football streaming fails to take off

A survey finds that football fans are not streaming football matches online in anything like the numbers that broadcasters had hoped for, with just 2% saying they are likely to stream games online. 

Football clubs and broadcasters were hoping for additional revenue from internet streaming, but the online products on offer so far have little appeal for football fans and I can see why. 


Checkout optimisation tips for Virgin Media

Yesterday I recommended Virgin Media's broadband services to a colleague, who is moving flat and said he might leave Sky after a decade or so. He checked out Virgin Media's combined broadband / TV / phone packages on offer and built a bundle worth more than £800 a year. Or so he thought. 

The bundle page suggested that he'd be paying £70 a month, but the following page reduced this to £31 a month. So which was it to be? In seek of an answer he continued along the purchase path, only to be blocked by a form and no indication / confirmation of fees. Perplexed and frustrated, he swiftly dropped out and insisted that I try it for myself. And sure enough, I can see why potential customers would be confused by the way that one-off costs and monthly charges are communicated. 

So here I'll detail the various areas that are ripe for optimisation, to help Virgin Media improve the most important pages on its website.


Why does Sky make it so hard to subscribe online?

I wrote yesterday wondering why Sky didn't offer one-off coverage of sporting events like the Ashes online, as a way to pull in more revenue and attracting new users.

Having noticed that Sky has since introduced a special offer price of £17 for a month's subscription online, I decided to sign up for it, but discovered that the usability on needs some work....


Is Sky missing an opportunity with online Ashes coverage?

After seeing an advert for it during TV coverage of the cricket yesterday, I had a look at the Sky Player to see how easy it was to get the Ashes live on my PC.

Watching it online seems a good alternative to monopolising the TV for five days and boring the rest of my family, so I tried to sign up for it last night, but it wasn't straightforward...