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Skype gets businesses to foot the bill with Click & Call

Skype has an interesting business model. The wildly popular internet phone and video service lets people call other Skype users for free, and pay a small fee to dial terrestrial phones. But if everyone started using Skype, the company could put itself out of business. Before that happens, Skype is trying to increase its advertising options.

This week, Skype announced Click & Call Advertising, which converts business phones numbers online into free call links when companies advertise with Skype. Skype might be on to something here.


Skype tries for world domination with SkypeKit

According to one report, peer-to-peer VoIP provider Skype is the largest carrier of international voice calls. But the company think it's just getting started as the company looks to expand its large footprint by turning "every connected device" into a communications device that can run Skype.

How will it to that? Easy: make it possible for Skype to find its way into all of the devices that were once 'offline' but that are now being connected to the internet.

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Skype's dilemma — Can ubiquity breed a business model?

Online communications tool Skype has been wildly popular in its seven-year existence. And for good reason — it makes free internet and video calls feasible for people who want to communicate around the world. But the business model has one discernable flaw: if everyone in the world used Skype to call each other, the company would make no money.

Skype CEO Josh Silverman says his company's mission is to be “the fabric of real-time communication on the web." With over 23 million people Skyping in March, it seems the company is getting pretty close to achieving that goal. But getting users to pay for premium services could be a challenge. That's why the company is considering adding advertising to its interface. Will consumers take to ads after getting Skype for free all these years?


The secret to Skype's success: Growing the online phone market

Online telephone company Skype has been making headlines today for its impressive growth over the last year. According to new research from TeleGeography, Skype now accounts for 12% of all long distance calls.

But is the company eating its competitors' lunches or growing the telephony market? Signs point to the latter. But that doesn't mean long distance carriers have less to worry about.


Is M&A back?

At this time a year ago, the global economy was imploding. We were in uncharted territory. Banks were on the brink. Lending dried up. Private equity was sitting tight. The wheels of the financial markets had stopped moving.

Flash forward to today. While there's still lots of debate about what the future holds and there's good reason to believe that we're not out of the woods yet, in some industries executives are feeling more confident. In the tech and media worlds, there are signs of life in the M&A markets.


eBay gets back to basics, will other companies do the same?

eBay, the online auction giant, is doing a bit of Spring cleaning.

On Monday, it announced that it had sold StumbleUpon, a content discovery service it purchased for $75m in May 2007, back to its founders and a group of venture capitalists.


Can a social network get too big?

Facebook has over 175m users. MySpace has over 125m. Twitter's traffic has grown at over 1,000%.

All three services are considered to be extremely valuable and their popularity is where the value is at. With their users, they're worth hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. Without them, they're worth close to nothing.