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One of the more sarcastic Apple Watch articles you’ll read today

I’m stuck in a mild quandary about whether to bother writing about the Apple Watch or not…

If you care enough about Apple’s entry into the world of wearable technology then you would’ve surely been glued to your MacBook or iPad Mini last night. Poring over the details delivered via keynote speech and already fully sated with every possible specification of the Apple Watch (emphatically no longer referred to as the ‘iWatch’).

Or if you’re everyone else in the world, your reaction is probably more along the lines of this…


Eight reasons why the wearables market is becoming more mature

Wearables are at the very cutting edge of consumer technology trends, but there are signs that the market is beginning to become more mature.

And this process is only going to accelerate when Apple launches its new smartwatch in the spring.

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