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SEO 'must-do' tips for SMEs: the experts' view

Following the release of our updated SEO Best Practice Guide last week, we've been asking some of the contributors to the report about recent SEO trends, and for useful tips. 

In the first part of this series, we asked several SEO experts for their top three tips on how SMEs can improve their search strategies...


Google's Farmer update and the squeezed middle

Google's Farmer update has made it harder to build search and social profiles with mediocre or derivative content.

And that's likely to hit medium-sized firms harder than anyone...


AdWords session-based ads irk advertisers

Google AdWords could arguably be the best advertising platform ever for small and medium-sized businesses ever, but mastering it to maximize ROI and minimize waste isn't easy.

AdWords be dangerous for the novice advertiser thanks in large part to a dizzying array of options and settings which, when not understood or recognized, can mean the difference between prosperity and disappointment.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, a growing number of advertisers are discovering that they're losing out because of one of Google's broad match features that targets ads based on searches a user performs during his or her Google session.


Why SMEs are ignoring SEO

A lack of awareness and knowledge of the benefits search engine optimisation means that 60% of SME marketers are not currently investing in SEO.

These stats are from dotSEO's Naked SEO report, which contains the results of a survey of marketers from small businesses, as well as a benchmark study of the top 50 SME websites in the UK, as identified by The Times. 

A few highlights from the report after the jump... 


Half of SME websites are not search engine optimised: study

Many small businesses in the UK are failing to make the most of their online presence, with 47% of SME websites studied having either very basic or no SEO work at all. 

This is one of the findings of the State of UK Business Websites 2010 study, carried out by Analytics SEO and commissioned by Thomson Local

The study looked at 1,001 SME websites and compared them against a range of SEO criteria; including indexing in search engines, and signs of onsite optimisation. 


Selling on eBay and Amazon: pros and cons for SMEs

EBay is the world‟s largest online marketplace, accounting for $60bn sales worldwide in 2008, while Amazon also offers small businesses an opportunity to use its platform to generate sales. Despite this scale, opinion in the business community is divided about selling on eBay. 

Some businesses use eBay as their only sales channel and become totally immersed in the eBay community, proudly nurturing their 100% feedback. Other businesses, however, feel that eBay sellers undercut their prices and devalue their brand. For example luxury brands like Tiffany and Louis Vuitton have been involved in legal proceedings against the marketplace. 

In this extract from Econsultancy's recent report: Selling Online: a How-to Guide for Small Businesses, we look at the pros and cons of selling on eBay and Amazon for small businesses... 


E-commerce tips for SMEs from Trevor Ginn

Econsultancy has just published 'Selling online: a how to guide for small businesses', which provides a step by step guide for SMEs. 

The report was written by entrepreneur and e-commerce consultant Trevor Ginn, who founded online retailer Hello Baby in 2007. 

I've been speaking to Trevor about the report, and his e-commerce tips for small businesses...


Ten inexpensive tips to improve user experience

At TechCrunch’s Geek ‘n Rolla event last week, I managed  to have a quick chat with Leisa Reichelt from Disambiguity, following her great presentation about “Why you can’t NOT afford good user experience”. 

Although the presentation was geared up towards digital start-ups, our conversation crossed over into the fact that usability is often overlooked by most small business with an online presence, usually due to a combination of a lack of understanding, time and resources. 


The internet as a lifeline for SMEs: Taking the first steps

Last week, Easynet Connect commissioned a study of UK SMEs in order to try and gauge the impact that the recession has had upon online strategy in this sometimes overlooked, but important, area of UK industry.


4 out of 5 UK tech companies aren’t using Twitter. So what’s the excuse?

Last week, research showed that SME’s were quickly taking up Twitter and adapting its many uses to suit their businesses. However, worrying research from Twitterntl:Telewest Business has been released today that reveals more than 80% of the UK’s top 100 tech companies don’t appear to be using it for business communication purposes.

The research report comes from a study of the FTSE techMARK 100 and found that workers from eight of the top ten companies are not embracing Twitter, despite the recent surge in interest across the media, commercial organisations and the general public.


SME’s increasingly using Twitter to communicate

Econsultancy has recently been highlighting the many uses of Twitter, which is a customer service solution, a marketing platform, and a brand monitoring tool.

Now, new research from O2 has found that smaller businesses are quickly adopting this online medium.