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Amazon goes social, launches Pages, Posts and Analytics

Is the future of commerce social? It depends on who you ask, and the answer is likely to be based on where you look.

Despite Facebook's massive audience, for instance, f-commerce has not panned out for many brands. Pinterest, on the other hand, has obvious potential.

One thing is indisputable, however: brands continue to invest in their social presences, and challenges notwithstanding, many are still trying to figure out how to convert social to sales and track the process.


eBay turns to Pinterest for redesign inspiration: will it work?

Pinterest is one of Silicon Valley's hottest startups, and while companies like Facebook struggle to prove that they can monetize social media, many see reason to believe that the image-based social network is poised to deliver on the promise of social commerce.

That social commerce potential seems to have caught the attention of eBay, which yesterday announced "the new eBay."

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Social engagement drives sales and advocacy for brands

Those brands that have embraced customer reviews are now starting to look at how they can drive increased engagement with their customers by facilitating, embracing and in some cases participating in customer to customer conversations, to drive sales and advocacy.

With 89% of consumers reading reviews before some or all purchases, most now see reviews as a must-have for brands.


JUMP feature: How to succeed in social commerce

For our forth JUMP interview, we had a chance to speak with Ryan O'Donnell, co-founder and CEO of Let's Gift It. He will be leading a panel at JUMP in New York on the strategies and tactics in launching and maintaining a successful social commerce initiative. 

We spoke to O'Donnell about the founding of Let's Gift It, how to activate communities and social discovery, and the importance of data and disruptive technologies to all sizes of business. 


How the automotive industry can use social commerce

The social side of shopping for your next car has always existed, in the form of recommendations from friends or family, but the growth of online retail has changed the landscape for buying and selling cars, whether online or offline. 

Following on from this look at how the automotive industry uses the web, I'll look at how the automotive industry can take advantage of the opportunity that social commerce offers them online.


Stats: Social Media in Australia and New Zealand

It has been nearly a year since we began producing our Australia and New Zealand Internet Statistics Compendium and to date, it's had some 2,000 downloads.

This indicates an enormous hunger for data and insight among marketers in the region. 

The past few months have seen a number of interesting reports looking at the ANZ digital landscape (including our own State of Digital Marketing in Australia in association with Marketing Magazine), but it is social media data that really seems to be the hot topic.

So, here’s a rundown of the latest social-related insight in Australia and New Zealand.

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China gets its Pinterest clone courtesy of Alibaba

Could popular online pinboard Pinterest have what it takes to develop a viable new model for ecommerce?

China's Alibaba apparently thinks so.


The Facebook timeline of social commerce: infographic

Today is the day that Facebook flicks the switch and forces brands to adopt its new Timeline layout.

For the past few months the social network has been in an odd state of limbo, with some brands sticking to the old format while others quick to try out the new features that Timeline provides.

Timeline places a heavy emphasis on images and engagement on the wall, and is a great way for brands with an illustrious history to show off their heritage.


Social commerce, fact or fiction: infographic

Social commerce is going to be big in 2012 – or at least that’s what everyone keeps saying.

So why aren’t we all doing our clothes shopping on Facebook and tweeting pictures of all our latest purchases?


2012: The trends every marketer should be aware of

As the countdown to 2012 speeds up, it's time for some predictions.

Here are five things brands will be devoting their time and budget to next year, including driving cross channel sales, multichannel attribution, and mobile marketing. 


Yelp files for IPO

User-generated reviews giant Yelp has joined the stock market goldrush by filing an initial public offering (IPO) of up to $100m in shares.

Since rejecting a reported $500m acquisition offer from Google in 2010, the company has apparently been preparing for this move, which could value the company at over $2b.


Will f-commerce succeed?

At the end of September, Magners announced that it is starting to sell limited edition cider directly via its Facebook page. 

Asos was the first UK retailer to open a fully transactional Facebook store in January this year.

On the face of it, f-commerce seems to be taking off, so should brands be launching F-commerce stores?