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Disney, TRON, and Nightclub City: How to brand with social games

Tron avatarsSocial games are ridiculously popular with Facebook users, which is making them just as popular with marketers. If you’re thinking of adding a social game to your marketing mix in 2011, take some tips from big brand expert Disney in terms of how to get it right.

Disney has teamed with Booyah, developer of the game Nightclub City, to promote its upcoming film TRON: Legacy.

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Google to gamers: come out and play?

Google is the 800 pound gorilla of the internet, but despite its prominence, it doesn't have a large footprint in some of the internet's most lucrative emerging markets, such as online gaming. But it might be looking to change that.

On Saturday, TechCrunch's Michael Arrington reported that Google has "secretly invested" $100m to $200m in Zynga, the maker of some of the internet's most popular social games, including Farmville and Mafia Wars. According to Arrington, the investment is related to a new product Google is creating with Zynga's help: Google Games.


Zynga brings virtual goods to physical retailers

Social gaming powerhouse Zynga has built a business potentially worth north of a billion dollars. And it doesn't sell anything. Real, that is. 

By some estimates, the company will reportedly pulls in over half a billion dollars in revenue this year selling virtual goods, such as virtual tractors and furniture, that are used in social games that are played by hundreds of millions of people each month on social networks like Facebook.