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Cost-effective alternatives for advertising on social media

Marketing on social media can seem like a wallet buster for your average startup, but absolutely necessary for the company to grow.

With changing advertising rates and rules on social media sites such as Facebook, there are limited options for startups to advertise on these sites in a budget-friendly way.


How cinemagraphs are helping brands break away from static content

To keep eyes fixated on their content, brands are using the simple sophistication of cinemagraphs in pursuit of creating snackable formats that really stand out.

Whether it’s for email, website, or social media, cinemagraphs are increasingly on show on our screens.


eMarketer: Social media ad spend to hit $1.7 billion in 2010

Facebook advertising appears to be a rising tide that lifts all social media boats. According to eMarketer, the ad spend on social networks is set to hit $1.7 billion this year. That's a 20% increase, and at least half of those ad dollars will be spent on Facebook.


Retailers: understand your search revenue through integration

Recovery. Confidence. Spending. These are terms that will that will be welcomed by retailers across the world as the global economy inches away from recession. They will now be looking to capitalise on the more optimistic outlook and report more positive results.

We are clearly not out of the woods yet, so all such supporting marketing activities, such as search, need to be justified with accurate measurement. However, to date there has been a fundamental flaw in the way that it is measured and could prove to be a major stumbling block.


Publishers shouldn't worry about Facebook dragging down their CPMs

Is cheap social media advertising undermining the price point of online advertising? According to AdAge, "Social Networks Sink Online-Ad Pricing."

Overabundant inventory is a growing issue online. And there are more than a few advertisers and publishers who would like someone to blame for their ever sinking ad prices. But trying to blame Facebook isn't a good idea. Facebook ads may cost a lot less than other online inventory, but they work. Moreover, publishers don't need to worry about Facebook's prices. Unless they're not delivering the kinds of returns that Facebook gets for those rates.


Social media advertising for retailers

It is hard for any marketer to ignore the hype that surrounds social media. Facebook, Twitter, performance display and ad exchanges are bringing opportunities for retailers to generate demand within these massive new channels.

Facebook is probably the most accessible and it’s understandable that retailers are getting excited about its possibilities. We’re looking at a site with more than 400m active users, all of whom can be individually targeted and engaged through Facebook Ads.