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10 intriguing social media stories from June 2016

It's been a busy month for many reasons, so you might have missed some key developments across social media.

Always here to help, I've rounded them up for you.


11 pivotal social media trends for 2016

What’s more fun than looking back at social media trends from 2015?

Asking experts to do a spot of future-gazing and give us their predictions for social trends in 2016!


Social media in 2013: the year we finally go “beyond the like”

Social media is not the new kid on the block anymore but it's still a growing channel and 2013 will see a number of changes - or so our industry experts think. Brands are starting to realise the importance of this channel and are looking for real numbers to back up the claims of agencies and social media experts.

The continued growth of content will affect how people use and interact with social media and the beands using it. And now that we can collect more specific and individual data through social media, this content will become even more effective.