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Agree to Disagree: TV vs Digital for reaching a large audience

We recently asked marketers whether TV was still necessary for reaching the masses. They disagreed with that idea by a large margin...but are they right? How do digital and TV match up when scale is the number one variable?


11 ways to measure the value of social media

This article is the third in a series of ongoing extracts from Econsultancy's new Internet Marketing Strategy Briefing. The free-to-download report covers the most important online trends in digital marketing that currently occurring.

Topics covered within the document include customer centricity, channel diversification, data, social media and content strategy.

This extract, written by Econsultancy's US Vice President of Research, Stefan Tornquist, focuses on the ins and outs of measuring social media.


Digital fragmentation: sub-specialist silos and the 'special ones'

Fragmentation of media across all digital disciplines such as display, search, social, mobile and video is changing the way that people view, purchase and manage their media budgets.

This has positive and negative ramifications for buyers, suppliers, agencies and specialists in field. It also sparks an age old specialist v generalist debate on how we select media and technology vendors and utilise human capital within digital organisations.


JUMP Magazine issue 3: TV & social, mobile, and location-based marketing

Twice a year Econsultancy produces a print magazine focused on multichannel business strategies, to help support our JUMP event.

The latest issue of the JUMP magazine is now available for download. It’s free, though you need to be a registered Bronze member (also free) or Econsultancy subscriber to download it.

In it you’ll find that we’ve been exploring the relationship between TV and online, among other things. We’re slightly obsessed with the idea that we are on the verge of another golden age for television. 


Six problems with social search

While social signals seem to reflect the human value of a page, they could also bring a host of potential biases and distortions.


Are we in a social media bubble?

In the years before the financial crisis, we saw asset values rocketing, a host of new buzzwords appearing and a shared conviction that growth would be eternal. So how is that different from social media right now?


Etsy: how much social is too much?

Online businesses face many challenges these days. Internet users are more sophisticated, and more demanding. And in many markets, they're also very social.

Thanks to the popularity and ubiquity of services like Facebook and Twitter, that means many website owners are compelled to find ways to make their sites more social.

However, going social isn't always easy, and it comes with plenty of risks...


SEO is dead. Again

It seems like every few months, somebody declares SEO dead. Its latest funeral was held yesterday.

This time around, its eulogy was written by Ben Elowitz, co-founder of web publisher Wetpaint. According to Elowitz, it's all about social.


The social media backlash

At times in the last few years, especially in digital marketing circles, it has seemed as though social media has ruled the world.

However, I’m beginning to sense increasingly suspicion and scepticism in the conversations I have with colleagues and clients.


Study: Social sharing options increase email click-through rates. But marketers aren't taking advantage.

It should come as no surprise that social media links help people share and open emails more often. But marketers aren't taking advantage of that option.

According to a new study from email marketing provider GetResponse, offering at least three social options leads to 55% higher click-through rates. But only about half of email marketers are adding social elements to their emails.


Facebook cracks down on irrelevant ad targeting techniques

Facebook has gotten a lot of flack for its misdirected contextual advertising. Advertisers on the site have access to personal demographic data, and they don't always use it wisely. (Hello free laptop offers that randomly use age and location data!)

Poorly targeted ads are bad for Facebook's fledgling ad products, and the company has announced that it will start cracking down on demographic data abusers. Today, ClickZ has some details on Facebook's plans. Marketers may not be exciting to see what the social network is getting rid of, but Facebook is keeping an eye on its longterm business model.

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Twitter laughs all the way to the bank as Google and Microsoft fight over real time search

Yesterday Microsoft's Bing announced a partnership with Twitter and Facebook to make its "decision engine" more social. And not a day later, Google's Marissa Mayer was up at Web 2.0 announcing that Google would be launching similar services soon.

It appears Google is a little worried about Bing. And that's great news for Twitter.