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Email reputation: what is the expiration date of your opt-ins?

Email reputation: what is the expiration date of your opt-ins?

Email reputation: what is the expiration date of your opt-ins? Assuming that you’re an email marketer with a conscience (and that knows a little about deliverability) you only send emails to people that opted in.

Maybe you even chose to go with a double opt-in system, to be 100% sure that your recipients are actually interested in your emails.

But although you are now complying to the email marketing legislation, these efforts aren’t enough to prevent that you’ll be regarded as a spammer.

An opt-in’s sustainability isn’t endless. Think about your email reputation and ask your recipients to prolong their subscriptions from time to time. 


How to be a spammer: five golden rules

Disclaimer: I have been instructed by our marketing department, that I must put a disclaimer before this blog, just in case someone takes what I am saying seriously and actually follows this advice.

I and the company I work for (RedEye), accept no responsibility for damages caused by anyone following the advice below. The actions below would not even be carried out by specially trained professionals, so should certainly not be tried at home!

You have been warned....  

“Spam” is like a dirty word in the world of email marketing. No credible email marketer wants to be associated with it. However, there has been some talk lately insinuating email marketers are not sending enough emails and suggesting that if they send more, they’ll make more money.

I’ve even seen some theoretical figures quoted that suggest if you send to your list twice as many times, you could make twice as much money!

Apparently, email marketers are worried about over mailing their lists, upsetting their customers and being accused of being spammers. The problem is that while this line of thinking is going to upset many an email marketer, it’s also admittedly a bit of a temptation.

When the chips are down and the CEO is breathing down your neck for more sales, the thought of more emails equals more money starts to look rather appealing.

So, for anyone considering the spam approach, I’ve pulled together some tongue in cheek rules on how to be a spammer in the modern email world.


Four things marketers can learn from the Papa John's $250m SMS spam lawsuit

How much does it cost to send a text message?

It's often less than a cent if you're a marketer sending in bulk, but U.S. pizza chain Papa John's could be forced to pay $1,500 a pop for 500,000 text messages its franchisees sent in 2010.


The Google patent trap for rank-modifying spammers

At the moment there seems to be a patent story in the news every single week but the latest one from Google has caught the attention of a lot of people in the SEO industry.

We’re interested because it’s one that affects how quickly and accurately you can gauge search optimisation results.

This latest patent, which was approved this month, is on ‘Ranking Documents’ and relates specifically to the practice of search engines not altering ranking positions immediately after an on or offsite tweak  that merits such a change. .


Are your Twitter followers fake, or just quiet?

Twitter's battle with spammers is well-documented, and not surprisingly, one of the tools that makes Twitter spam possible is the fake account.

While the exact number of fake accounts is hard to accurately estimate, there's little doubt they exist, and most likely in big numbers.


Why Google needs to be less Kafkaesque

Joe Friedlein is the founder of Browser Media, a UK based search engine marketing agency. 

Browser Media has been the victim of a Google penalty which has seen its pages almost disappear from the SERPs. 

I've been asking Joe about the possible reasons for the penalty and his frustration at the Kafkaesque nature of Google's (non)communication with webmasters. 


Pinterest: a spammer's newest best friend?

Pinterest may be one of the hottest start-ups of the moment, but early adopters, brands, bloggers and members of the media aren't the only ones paying attention to the service's growth.

Spammers are pinterested in the online pinboard too, and are apparently making a mint because of it.


Valentine’s Day campaigns show email turn-offs

After my Valentine’s Day analysis of online dating sites and what’s so great about their email, I decided to compare their performance around the holiday to a sample of retail marketers to measure the effectiveness of these sorts of big seasonal marketing drives.

Online dating sites aren’t the only ones who use Valentine’s Day to implement a big marketing push.

Retailers selling products like chocolates, flowers and gift cards also stepped up their game (and their email activity) to capitalise on the most romantic day of the year.


Super Bowl fail: Toyota spams Twitter

The Super Bowl is an exciting time for the brands that shelled out big bucks to reach millions of consumers on one of the biggest days in the world of sport.

That was certainly true for Toyota. The carmaker had high hopes for its Camry Effect campaign, which it described as one of the "most ambitious social media campaigns we've ever implemented." But did it get a little too excited?


Hotmail declares war on newsletters

A recent Hotmail blog that announced changes to the way they handle mail, and as the world's largest email provider, these changes are significant for anyone in the email marketing business.

After declaring that it has reduced true spam to about 3%, Hotmail has set its sights on the Bacn (email you wanted, but not right now or never again).

So what are the changes and how will they affect email marketing in the lead up to Christmas?


Google News asks publishers for 'standout' content

For many publishers, Google News is an important source of traffic. This is particularly true for publishers involved in the business of distributing news.

As a result, it's no surprise that a Google SEO strategy for some publishers focuses heavily on Google News.

For those publishers, a new tag introduced by Google to help publishers surface their best content will be of interest.


15 best practice tips for improving email deliverability

To maximise ROI from email campaigns, marketers need to monitor delivery, and take action to maintain good inbox delivery rates. 

Here are 15 valuable tips for monitoring and improving email deliverability, taken from our Email Marketing Best Practice Guide.