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Force Friday

Star Wars uses AR experiential campaign to drive people in-store

In mid-December, the latest Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, will make its theatrical debut.

The stakes are high for Disney, which purchased Star Wars creator Lucasfilm for more than $4bn in 2012. The movie industry, like so many others, is changing (or being disrupted if you prefer) and blockbuster hits are increasingly important to studios, even one as blessed as Disney with strong franchises.

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Three lessons marketers can learn from fandoms

The entertainment industry can teach marketers a lot about incorporating fandom into a company’s strategy.

From Beliebers to Kardashian followers, America is the land of the superfan. Diehard aficionados are the first ones to download a new album, tune in to the latest episode, or buy a concert ticket. 


10 best social campaigns and stories from April 2015

Now that David Moth is our new head of social, he has bequeathed his regular round-up of social campaigns and stories to me, as he’s now too busy posting Taylor Swift Vines on the official company Twitter.

He can be confident that this is in relatively safe hands.

So sit back and enjoy this new-look collection of news and advertising inspiration taken from the wide world of social, and I’ll try and keep the puns to a minimum.


14 things we enjoyed on the internet this week whilst pretending to be constructive

You probably assume that I have a list of headlines for this weekly round-up saved on a spreadsheet somewhere, so I can just pick one at random any time I need it.

You’d be wrong.

This is how a typical Friday morning goes… 

pizza bed

14 tasty internet morsels we've left on our plate for you to pick at

These tempting leftovers are impossible to resist despite the fact you have already gorged yourself disgusting on everything the internet had to offer this week.

Go on, just another forkful. The diet can start next week.

Although what that ‘diet’ consists of I’m not sure. Perhaps not spending quite so much time mass-messaging Tinder users pictures of yourself with a dangerous predator would be a start.

Speaking of which…

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ghostbusters 1988 galleries

14 adjective flouting things we found on the internet this week

I've got my hat on. I’ve got my boots, dusty. I’ve got my saddle on my horse. It can only mean one thing… It's round-up time!

From our massive blockbusting reports, to our regularly updated comprehensive research, to its huge array of training courses for every skill level, to our recent internet killing success The Periodic Table of Content Marketing, Econsultancy thrives on its expertly researched and skilfully created content.

We also do this…

avery monse vine emojis

14 fantastic things we found on the internet this week

This round-up covers a whole two weeks’ worth of brilliant entertainments, distractions and hijinks that we found on the internet.

Yes the round-up took the extended Easter weekend off. It gorged itself on roasted meats, truffle chocolates and port before swearing at its family and waddling off back home to watch the entire first series of Hannibal in bed.

Does that mean that this week’s edition will be a double-bumper load of wonderful content? You’d think so wouldn’t you?

Here’s the round-up, that will no doubt include a Game of Thrones reference somewhere...

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Her poster LEGO

11 spectacular ways the internet helped kill time this week

Despite last week's machinations, I've given up on trying to keep this weekly round-up of amusing internet things 'evergreen'. 

So prepare for a topical assault of Flappy Bird, Sochi, Valentine's Day, The Lego Movie and flood misery, rendering the future readability of this article as redundant and confusing as a two year-old repeat of Have I Got New For You.

If you do have any questions at the end, me and internet will be holding a Reddit AMA later on this afternoon. Only we'll be using the pseudonym Jennifer Lawrence.


Telling stories: five successful marketing examples

Research shows that stories, anecdotes and metaphors are more memorable than data. 

At Searchlove last week, business consultant and author Danny Scheinmann discussed why stories work, the hidden structures behind them and how they can help your business to communicate effectively.