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Start Me Up! A profile of Whisbi

Whisbi helps companies such as Movistar, Vodafone, Citibank and American Express increase their online revenues by bringing live video and telephony into the sales cycle.

Though it has considerable investment, and have been on the market for some time, a Start Me Up profile was due on account of its particular focus!


Start Me Up! A profile of My Currency Transfer

Are you an individual or SME facing steep charges by the banks on international payments? is a cheaper and more transparent option where founders do not want you to get short changed by high fees or excessive margins added to the real exchange rate.

High Street banks lookout, My Currency Transfer has a strong product offering on travel money and international payments.

We spoke with Daniel Abrahams, Co-founder of this UK, now Isreal-based startup on their success and what's next.


Start Me Up! A profile of InstallThisApp

If you are finding your Facebook Page engagement metrics dropping, maybe you aren't giving fans enough to do? Welcome InstallThisApp to the party.

A new startup offering customized Facebook applications for those of us without programming skills.

We spoke with founder Martín Acuña Lledó to find out more.


Start Me Up! A profile of Twoodoo social collaboration

If you've ever worked in a team you'll know how hard and scattered it can be to collaborate effectively using conventional tools.

Online collaboration tools come in all sizes and flavors these days, but sometimes the more simple/minimal the better.

This is the approach startup twoodo is taking. Read on for more info!


Start Me Up! A profile of Tablo

Tablo wants to be Wordpress for eBooks. Think it has what it takes?

Most of us in PR and content marketing are looking for the right tools to augment an ever increasing demand for content generation and that can also help create lasting value for referral traffic on different web platforms.

I personally forsee a lot of SaaS startups and cloud collaboration popping up soon to address this market, and we've profiled startups like Flockler, and 87seconds in the past, which are examples fitting this mould.

A new entrant, Tablo, addresses the eBook market specifically. Whether you are an author, or a web marketer, I suggest paying close attention to founder Ash Davies responses below!


Start Me Up! A profile of Kickdynamic

Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for reaching your audience, but the inbox has become increasingly crowded these days.

Kickdynamic is a startup aiming to help you keep your message fresh through a product and analytics suite that puts live content in your control, post send button.

We spoke with Matt Hayes, Kickdynamic's co-founder to get a better picture of the product offering and the team's approach.


Start Me Up! A profile of Concept Cupboard

Concept Cupboard is a marketplace connecting businesses, from startups to big brands, with the very best student and graduate freelancers.

I caught up with General Manager Adam Ball to ask about the business and his future plans.

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Start Me Up! A profile of Rankinity

As content marketing and SEO grow in importance for all sorts of online business, so does the need for real-time keyword analysis.

Rankinity allows you to check positions of a website for certain keywords in all popular search engines in real time.

The founders of Rankinity are hoping that flexible reports and wide means for joint operation (it can take a lot of cross-department teamwork to successfully manage SEO) will make their service "an irreplaceable assistant both for a SEO savvy and a website owner".


Start Me Up! A profile of C.A.S.T.

C.A.S.T. is an advertising platform which allows publishers to easily create, sell, scale and manage native ad inventory.

I caught up with the team to discuss the platform and ask them about their plans for the future... 


Start Me Up! A profile of fresh

Backed By Yammer’s David Sacks, fresh launched a site for verified consumer gadget reviews last month. 

We recently spoke with the team to find out more about their plans.


Start Me Up! A profile of Grafetee

Launched last year, Grafetee is a mobile app which enables anyone to create a location-based service in minutes for web and mobile devices.

I asked founder Juha Huttunen about Grafetee and its plans for world domination...


Start Me Up! A profile of madvertise

Founded in Berlin, Madvertise is a mobile ad startup which has so far received more than $10m in VC funding. 

I've been asking CEO Christof Wittig about the company and its plans for future growth...