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Start Me Up! A profile of Tamome

While the affiliate model has worked very well online, there is a need for a solution which helps publishers to make the most of mobile.

This is what Tamome has been launched to achieve. I've been asking CEO and founder Christian Louca about the company, and its plans for the future... 


Start Me Up! A profile of Job Bounties

Job Bounties is founded by recruitment entrepreneur, James Uffindell, who believes the UK recruitment industry is far too expensive, with the cost per hire in the UK double that in the US.

To counter this, he recently launched Job Bounties, which takes the principles of social recruitment databases like LinkedIn and adds a new type of social P2P business model that isn’t advertising revenue based or controlled by recruitment agencies.

I've been asking James about the thinking behind Job Bounties, and its plans for the future. 


Start Me Up! A profile of wishgenie

Wishgenie is a social platform which allows its users to club together to buy gifts for their friends. 

I've been asking CEO David Berney about the business model and the company's plans...


Start Me Up! A profile of IdeaPlane

IdeaPlane is a startup that brings enterprise social networking to companies in regulated industries, such as finance, that might otherwise have been reticent about embracing social technologies. 

I caught up with CEO and founder James Fabricant, himself a former executive at MySpace, to find out more about his vision for the company and the future of the industry.

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Start Me Up! A profile of Taggstar

It’s not easy for publishers to make money online. Competition for eyeballs and ad revenues is fierce, so website owners need to be savvy to any possible avenues for monetisation.

Taggstar aims to give publishers a new way of monetising images by adding layers of content to make them interactive and shareable.

The company is already working with a wide range of media partners including MSN, Sky Living, The Telegraph, Hearst Magazines and The Independent, and last month launched a public version of its technology platform. 

Early engagement rates have been consistently high, ranging from an average of 12% to almost 40% for certain high profile celebrities.

So to find out more about how Taggstar works and its plan for growth I spoke to CEO and founder Fraser Robinson...


Start Me Up! A profile of Rare Crowds

Rare Crowds is a startup which aims to help publishers and ad networks get more value for their ad inventory by creating a new type of premium inventory. 

I've been asking CEO and Founder Eric Picard about the business model and his immediate and long term goals for the company...


Start Me Up! A profile of the NimbleNetwork

The NimbleNetwork, which launched yesterday, is the first ever peer to peer deal sharing network. 

I've been asking Prashant Nedungadi, Founder & CEO of NimbleCommerce, about the startup and its plans for the future...

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Start Me Up! A profile of CircleMe

CircleMe is a new social network which allows users to collect and discover things they love. 

I've been asking CEO Giuseppe D'Antonio about CircleMe, the team behind it, the business model and plans for the future...


Start Me Up! A profile of Pressat

Pressat is a press release distribution service which uses social media, as well as more traditional channels, to spread the word. 

I've been asking the team about the reasons for launching Pressat, how it will make money, and the company's future plans...


Start Me Up! A profile of cloud.IQ

Implementing an effective multichannel marketing strategy isn’t easy, particularly for SMEs that might not have the resources to trial new technologies.

Cloud.IQ aims to simplify the process by offering businesses a range of plug-in apps that can help to engage customers through different channels at each part of the purchase journey.

They include tools that work across social, SMS, mobile web and email to help improve customer retention and increase conversions.

To find out more, I spoke to cloud.IQ CEO James Critchley...


Start Me Up! A profile of BugMuncher

Launched last year, BugMuncher provides a way for users to provide feedback and bug reports after noticing errors on your websites. 

It was launched by Matt Bearman, a 27 year old website developer from England, who has been building websites and apps professionally for more than five years. 

I've been asking Matt about the reasons for launching BugMuncher, and his future plans for the service. 

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Start Me Up! A profile of LoveThis

LoveThis is a new iPhone app that allows you to share recommendations with friends and store them so you don't forget them at a later date.

You can share recommendations for anything you want, such as products, movies, music or even a good plumber.

To find out more about how it works I spoke to LoveThis founder and CEO Alexis Dormandy...