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This week's top six infographics

As we've been off for a few weeks I've rounded up some of the best infographics that we've seen from the past fortnight.

The topics include social media statistics from 2012, the CEO's attitude to social, the year on StumbleUpon and a comparison of mobile sales from 2010 to 2012.


StumbleUpon brings the iFrame back

You thought they were gone. Those pesky, annoying, experience-destroying things. Yes, I'm talking about iFrames.

Popular a decade ago, they've made a few appearances in the past several years. The once-popular Digg, for instance, turned to them to implement its DiggBar.

But now they're back.


MySpace's decline sees StumbleUpon move into top 10 social networks

StumbleUpon broke into the top 10 of the most visited social networking sites this past November, exceeding MySpace for the first time ever.

This is the first time MySpace has failed to rank in the top 10 social networking sites, according to the stats compiled by Experian Hitwise.

Experian analyst James Murray said StumbleUpon owes its top 10 position to MySpace’s continuing decline rather than a boost in its own traffic.

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Stumbleupon figures promote integration, not in-your-face

stumbleupon-logoAs social media adoption continues to grow, many marketers find themselves struggling to track down and engage the right audience, which could explain why sharing site Stumbleupon has seen such rapid growth in its advertising platform since launching in March.

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eBay gets back to basics, will other companies do the same?

eBay, the online auction giant, is doing a bit of Spring cleaning.

On Monday, it announced that it had sold StumbleUpon, a content discovery service it purchased for $75m in May 2007, back to its founders and a group of venture capitalists.