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AT&T is going to have to fight to keep iPhone users happy in SxSW this year

This year, everyone's talking about who will be the new Foursquare or Twitter at SxSW 2010. But it will also be interesting to see who will be this year's big screw up. AT&T is working hard to make sure it won't be them again.

A strong showing at the annual tech festival in Austin Texas can do great things for business. But for those that make a bad impression at SxSW, it can take a long time to recover. And last year at the festival, AT&T let down a lot of people. The telecom giant is determined not to let the same thing happen this year, but it's going to take a lot to win back stubborn techies.


Digital distribution might pay your phone bill: filmmaker

The future of media may be the internet, but that doesn't mean that digital distribution's present financial reality is stealing the show.

The recent rift between YouTube and the PRS in the UK highlights an uncomfortable fact: online distribution doesn't quite rake it in like the offline distribution. Services like YouTube simply aren't willing to pay as much for distribution rights as rights holders are accustomed to because these services aren't generating a whole lot of revenue themselves.


SXSW: "Be more interesting"

SXSW is one of the key events in the digital world, when the great and the good descend on Austin for 5 days of panels, conversations and parties.  This is my first trip to the event but according to SXSW old hands, this year is bigger than ever before (I can believe it, the list of talks is mind blowing).