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The future of tag management

Tag management has been on everyone's lips in 2012 so it's no surprise that the conversations are continuing into 2013. It's important for companies to better manage their websites and the information of their own and that of their customers that they are sharing.

Better site performance is expected by customers especially for ecommerce sites. Tag management is the way to make this happen and will be utilized by more and more companies throughout the year.

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How Air New Zealand used tag management for attribution

Most ecommerce businesses invest in a range of digital marketing channels, so working out the exact attribution and ROI can be incredibly complex.

For example, the importance of search can often be overstated, as that tends to be the last step on the path to conversion.

To try to develop a better understanding of its marketing attribution, Air New Zealand began using a tag management system two years ago.

The ecommerce team found that the assumptions and investments that it made based on a last-click model were hugely inaccurate, particularly when it came to display.

To find out more about how tag management impacted Air New Zealand’s attribution model, I spoke to UK and continental Europe online channel manager Chris Allison...


JUMP feature: The new CMO must be a data CMO

For our fifth JUMP interview, we had a chance to speak with Mike Sands, president and CEO of BrightTag, who will at the JUMP conference on January 30, 2013 in New York. 

Before Mike Sands joined BrightTag, he was part of the founding team at Orbitz acting as both CMO and COO until they were acquired. In an earlier position, Sands was what he called a rebel at GM when he fought to spend 2% of the budget online, around the time with you could, in his words, literally buy the internet by getting banner ads on

Unfortunately those early days are gone, and now sites are bogged down by miscellaneous code and third party script as marketers try to be smart about advertising online. This has brought about the new future of tag management including companies such as BrightTag who are trying to improve the safety, security and speed of ecommerce sites today.


IAB announces new site tagging best practice: the experts' view

The IAB recently called for feedback on a newly released best practice guide for site tagging. This is a new area of comment for the IAB but a much needed one. They are aiming to form this guide to eliminate risk, improve site performance and protect site owners and advertisers from any privacy and security issues that can arise from poor tag management.

Tagging is a fundamental element of the heavily data-driven interactive advertising ecosystem without which it would not continue to thrive,” said Steve Sullivan, Vice President, Advertising Technology, IAB. “To better meet the needs of publishers, advertisers, marketers and consumers, we must not only take account of the ongoing value of site tagging, but more fully understand the operational challenges presented by site tagging’s increasingly prolific use.”


Tag management: whose side are you on?

Tag management is rapidly becoming one of the must-haves for site owners. The ability to manage the ever-growing number of measurement and marketing tags on a website offers huge benefits to webmasters and web marketers alike.

However, there are two fundamentally different approaches to tag management and anyone looking to adopt the technology should be aware of the benefits and limitations of each.


The history of tag management [infographic]

This infographic from TagMan, to celebrate its fifth birthday, has a timeline to show how tags have evolved since 1993. 


Eight pitfalls to avoid when selecting a Tag Management System (TMS)

Lets face it, enterprises are just not as agile as smaller organisations, hence the reason for wanting a Tag Management Solution (TMS) in the first place.

Therefore, it is critical that enterprises avoid potential pitfalls when selecting the right solution.

We have put together our top eight pitfalls to avoid when selecting a TMS. 

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Tag management assumes strategic importance: new report

Tag Management Buyer's GuideTo coincide with today's release of Econsultancy's first Tag Management Buyer's Guide, we’ve been talking to some companies about this increasingly high-profile topic. For those looking for a tag management system (TMS) provider, we've included tips from client-side marketers at Belron, Waitrose and John Lewis Financial Services.

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Making tag management work for you: new report & infographic

The digital world is complicated and website tags sit at the heart of online businesses and marketing. In fact, effectively managing website tags, or tracking pixels, is fundamental to digital marketing. 

In the ROI of Tag Management, a new report released today in partnership with Tealium, we explore the role, challenges and opportunities for technology in handling vendor website tags.


The tag revolution: infographic

One of the hottest topics from Digital Cream London 2012 last month was attribution.

Though not neccessarily the sexiest of subjects, the potential to use this to directly measure which marketing activities are driving conversions is huge.

As DC Storm's Seth Richardson outlined for us, the real value is the long term campaign and budget optimisation benefits.