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Twitter hack: insight into a hot startup that may be losing its edge

When Michael Arrington of TechCrunch decided to publish confidential Twitter corporate documents obtained by a hacker, I wasn't impressed. It's a bad decision that's hard to justify ethically.

But what's done is done and instead of admonishing him for using a different brand of moral compass, I thought there'd be more value in using the opportunity, no matter how unfortunate, to make some observations about one of the internet's hottest startups.

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Europe shows off its start-up muscles

Last night TechCrunch Europe hosted their inaugural Europas awards, with a list highly impressive nominees and an audience of digital royalty - both start-up and established - including the Traveling Geeks who had been at Econsultancy’s roundtable event only hours before. So, what were the categories and who were the winners? 

Europas awards


Memo to TechCrunch: make love not war, because negativity sucks

TechCrunch is one of the blogs that I check on a daily basis. If there's a blog that falls under the category of 'must-read', TechCrunch is it.

TechCrunch made a name for itself by covering new internet startups in Silicon Valley and has a reputation of breaking important technology news.


Q&A: TechCrunch UK's Editor Mike Butcher talks about the internet startup landscape

Recently, it was the TechCrunchTalk and ChristmasCrunch Party, which focused upon how the online startup community is being affected by the looming recession.

Some 400 people attended the event to hear how the landscape currently looks for new internet businesses, and to try to understand what will happen in the near future.
Econsultancy caught up with Mike Butcher, who was hosting the occasion, to gain further understanding as to what the thoughts are amongst the influential investors, current companies and the digital experts, including Mike’s own thoughts and impressions.