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Ladbrokes charges lame ‘inactivity fee’ to dormant customers

The great lie of the web is that we all “agree to the terms and conditions” when buying or downloading things. Most people don’t bother to look at the T&Cs, much less read them in detail.

As such it is often the case that customers are not aware of certain terms that can come along and bite them on the ass.


Yahoo responds to concerns over proactive campaign optimizations

We recently discussed the changes Yahoo had made to its Sponsored Search and Content Match Program Terms that gave the company the ability to proactively change advertiser campaigns in the name of 'optimization'.

Yahoo's changes caught many advertisers off guard, infuriated some and raised a number of thorny legal questions.


Is Yahoo's proactive account 'optimization' legal?

Many advertisers were disappointed and angered last week when it was widely-reported that Yahoo has changed its 'Sponsored Search and Content Match Program Terms' to permit Yahoo to automatically make modifications to the campaigns of its advertisers.