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Does linkbait work in print?

Online, 'linkbait', well done, is a proven source of traffic. Those catchy, often scandalous-sounding and sometimes deceptive headlines, coupled with juicy gossip, wild speculation or blood-boiling content may not necessarily deliver much in the way of value to advertisers, but for many publishers, it's a staple diet.

But what about print-based linkbait? Can some of the tried and true linkbait techniques work for, say, a magazine?

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Tina Brown's Daily Beast gets into the book publishing business

Tina Brown's web publication The Daily Beast may not be profitable yet, but the company is hoping they'll get a boost from the book industry. 

This week, the company has announced its intention to start publishing books  — short, timely tomes — for fun and profit.


Barry Diller: The Internet's free phase is coming to an end

Information may want to be free, but InterActiveCorp's chairman thinks we're all going to be paying for it soon. Speaking at the second annual Advertising 2.0 conference in New York Wednesday, Barry Diller was emphatic that the free period of the Internet is coming to a close:

"People will pay for content. They always have."

The digital media chief disparages the idea that consumers expect free content online, calling it "an accident of a historical moment that will be corrected."