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1940s Content Marketing

Five irresistible tips you can learn from 1940s content marketing

Last week, I sat down to find a battered, browning booklet perched at the end of my desk.

Slightly confused, Sean (our content guy) explained to me what it was doing there.

“It’s an example of content marketing” he said. “I found it at a car boot at the weekend”.

Fair enough, but this doesn’t look like the type of content we all know. First off, it’s physical. I can hold it! Smell it! Feel it!

It got me thinking, what were they doing in the 1940s that we can take with us today?

Adestra 2013 Subject Line Report

152 killer keywords for email subject lines (and 137 crappy ones)

We had a hunch that word choice in email subject lines have a strong effect on response rates.  So, we tested 287 keywords across a sample of 2.2bn emails to see which work, and which don’t. 

Why? Because President Obama has done more for email marketing than any world leader in the history of mankind. How? By focusing on subject line testing, his digital team optimised their donation campaigns to generate hundreds of millions of dollars online.

Despite Obama’s best efforts, most marketers still view email marketing as the Bluth Company’s Banana Stand of Arrested Development fame: a more boring and less sexy marketing channel than pretty much anything else imaginable. 

But – and never forget this – there’s always money in the banana stand! There is great power in optimising subject lines.

In case you missed my presentations at MarketingWeekLive last week, you can find out more about our findings after the jump.

The 10 essentials of social personalisation

The 10 essentials of social personalisation

Personalisation is the hot topic at the moment. Customers want it, and online businesses want to give it to them.

But what businesses need is the most timely, accurate and, unsurprisingly, “personal” data upon which to base this personalisation

Here are the 10 most important factors to take into account when looking to offer the ultimate in social-powered personalised experiences. 


11 things I've learned from writing 1,000 blog posts

I’ve now been at Econsultancy for more than 18 months and in that time I’ve written more than 1,000 blog posts.

When I first started my background was in journalism and research, so I had relatively little knowledge of digital marketing and ecommerce.

Therefore I thought it might be interesting to look back on a few things I’ve learned from working for an online publisher. 

I might be wrong of course, but as you’ve clicked on it you may as well read my 11 tips for getting along in blogging...

Three essential email marketing tips

Three essential email marketing tips

Three essential email marketing tipsEmail is alive and kicking. Worldwide there are almost four times more email accounts (4.4bn) than the number of users on Facebook (1 bn) and Twitter (250m) users combined.

Email is also a more active medium than Facebook and Twitter, generating 8.3 times as much messages a day (45bn emails against 5,2bn Facebook updates/likes and 175m tweets a day), and that’s not counting spam emails.

Or to summarise: if you want to reach a large audience, email marketing is a valuable asset that cannot be ignored.

Here are three essential email marketing tips...


Seven SEO tools to improve your online PR efficiency

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of training a number of PR agencies on how they can work Search Engine Optimisation into their service offerings.

It’s no secret that lots of SEO agencies and teams are trying to do the reverse at the same time.

While this merging of disciplines is no big surprise, something that I hadn’t anticipated is just how useful SEO tools can be for people carrying out online PR.


29 useful Twitter tips for beginners

I blogged a while back offering five simple suggestions to optimise Tweets. As it went down well I thought it worthwhile expanding on this and giving my insight on growing a follower base and increasing engagement.

Twitter is a fantastic platform that allows you to interact with like-minded people. I've learnt a lot from fellow digital marketers on Twitter by joining conversations and reading their content.

Along the way I've picked up a fairly substantial set of tips, tricks and hints on how to make the most of Twitter and build your presence there. 

Anyway, enough waffle, you came here wanting tips so let's get to it.


How should web analytics tools be used to measure paid search?

Web analytics is essential for measuring and optimising paid search campaigns, and being able to extract the rind kind of data to improve your campaigns. 

This post, which includes some extracts from our new Paid Search Marketing (PPC) Best Practice Guide, looks at examples of how to use analytics to track PPC performance. 


Nine simple tips for creating Twitter hashtags

The overenthusiastic use of hashtags is one of the most annoying aspects of Twitter, particularly when the hashtag in question is overused or just doesn’t make any sense (e.g. #justsayin).

But they are also a vital part of the mechanics of Twitter, so marketers need to be able to come up with a good hashtag if they want their social campaigns to have any impact.

The use of hashtags is something we've previously looked at in posts rounding up 2012's biggest social media fails and looking at Twitter's relationship with TV. You can also find out more in our Twitter for Business Best Practice Guide.

And to help marketers avoid breaking some of the cardinal sins of hashtagging etiquette, RadiumOne’s European MD Rupert Staines has put together a handy list of dos and don’ts.

So here’s what you need to know...


Content marketing and SEO: how will they evolve in the future?

Google's continuing moves to penalise marketers ‘chasing the algorithm’, and to reward those who produce useful and valuable content, is one of the principal reasons why content marketing has emerged as a hot topic over the past 18 months. 

The majority of marketers surveyed in our Content Marketing Survey Report (produced in associated with Outbrain) agreed with the statement that “Content marketing is becoming its own discipline, like SEO or email marketing”.

The question remains to be seen as to how content marketing and SEO will change, integrate and evolve over time, with some predicting the demise of SEO and others insisting that it will remain as its own discipline.

To find out more, and following last week's post on the expert view on content marketing, we asked a selection of marketers how they "see the relationship between content marketing and SEO evolving over the next few months?” Their answers, some of which do conflict, are below…


Content marketing in 2013: what the experts think

Since the launch of our Content Marketing Survey Report, produced in association with Outbrain, the topic has continued to fuel discussion throughout the industry, as brands struggle for the attention of consumers and marketers find it ever more difficult to reach the top of the search engines.

As 2013 begins, we asked a series of marketers for their thoughts on where content marketing is going and what brands and publishers have been doing particularly well.

Their insights are below, along with some video shot by Outbrain at the launch of the Content Marketing Survey Report late last year.

Checkout optimisation

10 tips for improving ecommerce checkouts

68% of shopping carts are abandoned, according to figures from Baynard, so how can retailers bring this number down? 

Last week, we released our E-commerce Best Practice Compendium, which contains more than 170 tips on improving usability and conversions. 

To accompany the report, I've already looked at site search and navigation and product pages, now it's the turn of the checkout process. 

Here are ten ways to reduce checkout abandonment. There are many more, so please add your comments below...