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ECJ: AdWords buy is trademark infringement

In 2009, the British High Court was asked to weigh in on the long-standing dispute between Interflora and Marks and Spencer, which centered on Marks and Spencer's bidding on 'Interflora' as a Google AdWords keyword. It referred the matter to the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

The Advocate General ECJ has finally answered: Marks and Spencer violated Interflora's trademark.


Supreme Court: eBay not liable for counterfeit goods

Should eBay be liable for trademark infringement when its vendors offer counterfeit goods for sale? Famous jeweler Tiffany & Co. has been arguing since 2004 that it should.

The case finally reached the Supreme Court, which rejected Tiffany & Co.'s appear on Monday. That leaves a lower court ruling, which went in eBay's favor, as the final word on the matter in the United States.


Is Twitter turning into an 'evil' corporation?

Dean Collins sells a desktop software application called My Twitter Butler. By all appearances, it's pretty spammy. It enables Twitter users to auto-follow other users based on keywords they use and permits the mass-sending of DMs to followers.

Twitter doesn't like My Twitter Butler and Twitter's high-powered Silicon Valley law firm, Fenwick & West, sent Collins a letter demanding that he "deactivate" his website, transfer the domain name to Twitter, stop using the My Twitter Butler name and begin complying with Twitter's Terms of Service. Or else.


AdWords lawsuit has big implications for Google and advertisers

AdWords is Google's cash cow and it helped the company go from upstart to 800 lb. gorilla in a remarkably quick period of time.

But what if a single legal issue put AdWords as we know it in jeopardy?