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Is faith-based ROI ever acceptable?

In the digital world, tracking ROI is supposed to be easy. After all, there are so many tools for analyzing traffic and conversions, and attributing them to particular sources.

But in reality, tracking ROI isn't always as simple as it would seem. Many marketers, for instance, still focus exclusively on the last click despite the increasingly sophisticated tools that are capable of going beyond the last click.

As a result many either misattribute conversions to the wrong source, or miss them altogether.


Tumblr's trademark stupidity

The protections afforded by intellectual property law have immensely benefitted technology companies, but that doesn't mean that they're not sometimes problematic. From ridiculous patent lawsuits to reverse domain name hijacking, IP is often a means to questionable ends.

Unfortunately, when it comes to trademark, some companies are making abuse all too easy.


Is Tumblr Friendster, or Twitter?

The market for blogging and microblogging services is quite competitive, but one of the simplest, Tumblr, has also managed to build a large and loyal following.

But keeping up with that large following as it grows is proving to be tough, and after experiencing 24 hours of downtime the other day, some are questioning whether more tumbles will take their toll on user loyalty.


Is Tumblr important, or just a distraction?

Tumblr, which has been described as a publishing tool that's somewhere between Twitter/Facebook and a full-fledged blog, is a fast-rising star in the crowded world of social media. It recently passed the one billion post mark, and it counts some pretty prominent publishers, including The Economist and Newsweek, as users.

The latest recognizable name in publishing to jump on the Tumblr bandwagon is The Atlantic. It doesn't know what to expect from its Tumblr experiment, but it's getting involved with Tumblr nonetheless.


Can Tumblr compete in the mainstream marketplace?

tumblr logoFacebook’s ubiquity and Twitter’s ease of use have long made them favourites for businesses entering the social media space for the first time.

With increased resources being assigned to social media teams however, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd.

Short-form blogging site Tumblr believes it offers a solution however, and is currently working to increase its mainstream recognition, actively courting newspapers, magazines and other traditional media outlets.


Newsweek's latest dilemma: Their Tumblr is beloved. And brings in no revenue.

Newsweek's got a problem (aside from the fact that it's currently a publication in search of a buyer.) The company has a smart, adept digital arm. But the product that is getting the most positive attention right now doesn't support any advertising. And it's not directly attached to the company's business model. It's called


Photojojo turns Tumblrs into marketrs — and sells a few cameras in the process

Today on Tumblr, photo site Photojojo conducted a little experiment. They asked Tumblr users to reblog a post about their Fuji Instax Mini Instant Camera. Every time someone reblogged their offer before 4P, the camera's price went down $.10. They were hoping to sell 50 cameras at a steadily reducing price by 4P.

Photojojo blew through all 50 (actually around 60) cameras by 2:40P today. But more importantly, they convinced a typically advertising adverse audience to market their products all afternoon.