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How Ford and Whole Foods manage social communities

I spent a number of years as a social media manager - first for PayPal, then giffgaff and, most recently, I was the corporate community manager for the BBC. I feel a strong affinity to those behind the brand handle after being through the wars myself. It's not uncommon to spend sleepless nights at a keyboard, or take a night bus home so you can stay above ground to tweet during an issue ,or be attached to your phone on your only vacation in months. This is the current state of our community directors and their staff.

It was great to see Ogilvy feature three social community managers on their recent panel, The Rise of the New Community Manager, as part of Social Media Week. The panelists included Karen Untereker, U.S. Manager, Social Media at Ford Motor Company, Ariel Norwood, Online and Social Media Team Leader, Northeast Region, Whole Foods Market and Vanessa Wojtusiak, Head of Social Marketing, iHeartRadio and was moderated by Rachel Caggiano, Senior Vice President, Social@Ogilvy.

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Can social identity improve ecommerce?

A recent Gartner press release suggested a major change in the way we might interact with ecommerce in within the next few years. Their prediction is that by 2015 fully half of retail customer identities will be based on social network identities. The report’s main thrust is on the impact of this shift on IT and security infrastructure, but what is much more interesting is the potential for a more direct connection between purchase and social identity.

The logic behind this potential growth is the frictionless “log-in with Facebook or twitter” option that allows customers to skip the laborious sign up or registration process.  But the obvious question that arises is:  What happens when social identity becomes purchaser identity? When you consider the potential meshing of purchase data with social data there appears to be a huge opportunity here for e-commerce sites to improve sales and build loyalty.


The ultimate social media image sizing cheat sheet

With all the recent changes to our favorite (or not so favorite) social networks with Facebook covers, Twitter header images and YouTube branded channels, businesses have had to redesign their images and rethink of how they represent themselves visually online.

This gave way to a lot of new creative campaigns on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest but is has led to a lot of social media managers scrambling to get the images just right.


Key takeaways from Social Media World Forum #SMWF

This November 27th and 28th, Social Media World Forum took place in New York with speakers from major brands such as McDonald's, Endemol, Shell, Twitter, Google, and Pepsi.

We captured a few of your tweets, pictures and articles including a Pinterest case study from Scholastic and Four Season's love affair with Instagram for those of you who couldn't make it there.


Eight tips for small businesses starting out on Tumblr

Devising a social media strategy isn’t easy for small businesses, not least because there are so many different platforms to choose from.

Facebook and Twitter are the obvious choices because that’s where the eyeballs are, but they also require a lot of resource to make sure you are constantly engaging with fans and responding to comments.

So one other option for businesses to consider is Tumblr. The blogging platform currently hosts just over 77m blogs that attract 4.5bn impressions a week and it's growing rapidly.

Tumblr is already being used by a number of major brands and recently announced its first analytics platform, which makes it a more attractive proposition for business users.


10 brands making great use of Tumblr

Tumblr may not be the most high profile social network doing the rounds, but its blogging platform offers unique opportunities to engage with new audiences that are too good to be ignored.

It hosts just over 77m blogs and 33bn blog posts, which is a very healthy community of people creating, viewing and sharing content.

So how should brands be using Tumblr, and which brands’ blogs are worth checking out?


Tumblr announces its first ever analytics platform

Marketers everywhere (or those using Tumblr at least) can finally rejoice. Today, Tumblr and Union Metrics, Tumblr's preferred analytics provider, has announced the first ever analytics platform for Tumblr. 

Tumblr hosts 75 million blogs and users create more than 70 million new posts each day. Over the past 6 months, marketers have been able to pay for advertising by either pinning a post to follower's feeds or be featured in Radar on the right hand side of user's Tumblr dashboard. Success comes for brands if their content is good and suited for Tumblr - which includes great images and imaginative animated gifs.

Unfortunately all they know is how many times their post has been reblogged but not how many times it has been seen or reblogged off their reblog.


On trend: fashion brands and social media

Social fashion pioneers, such as ASOS and Topshop, understand that social media isn’t all about ‘Likes’ or follower stats.

There has to be a reason beyond ‘engagement’ for a fashion brand to use a social channel: it has to contribute to customer loyalty, customer service, or sales.

We’ve been looking at what some of the most social fashion brands are doing on social media, and whether they’re going beyond the number of ‘likes’ to creating engagement that has a real impact on business.


Perfect 10 sues Tumblr for copyright infringment

Publishing platform Tumblr's twenty-something CEO is fast learning that running a fast-growing company can be a tough job.

Last month, after telling AdAge that an advertising business model would be a "a complete last resort", David Karp, perhaps pressured by investors, announced that his company would begin selling ads.


Tumblr's CEO doesn't like ads, but he's going to sell them

How do you monetize a publishing platform that's home to more than 50m blogs and 20bn blog posts? If you're the twenty-something CEO of one of the consumer internet's most popular properties, you might consider advertising is "a complete last resort."

That's how Tumblr CEO David Karp described the advertising business model to AdAge less than a week ago, but a week is a long time in the internet economy and a lot can change very quickly.


Tumblr brings in editorial team to run staff blog

Tumblr, the blogging platform valued at $500m, has hired an editorial team to cover the goings-on within the company.

Putting a not-exactly-new but certainly notable slant on the ‘company blog’, the team will document changes in Tumblr's services in an updated blog that will be accessible to the company’s 42m users.


Google's Blogger refresh: too little, too late

It's easy to forget that more than a decade ago, when 'blog' was still a nascent buzzword, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams launched a service that would help propel blogging into the mainstream.

That service, Blogger, was acquired by Google in 2003, and a year later, Williams left to pursue new opportunities.