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Nine simple tips to help your business gain more Twitter followers

Nobody wants to tweet in a vacuum. We all want to know that someone out there is listening and enjoying what we have to say.

Admittedly that isn’t the best business case for increasing your amount of Twitter followers, but it is one of a number of reasons for wanting to attract more people to your feed.

A more pressing reason is that more followers means more exposure and better brand awareness, which in turn can lead to increased sales and revenue.

So to help you to boost your follower count I’ve come up with nine relatively simple tips that will help make you more popular on Twitter.

No single one of these tips will work as a golden bullet for your Twitter strategy - it’s not as easy as that unfortunately.

Instead you need to work at creating an interesting Twitter feed so people will want to follow and interact with you. That’s an ongoing process that takes time and effort, but these tips will at least give you a helping hand in the right direction.

If that doesn’t sounds like your kind of thing, you can always just go and buy a load of fake followers from a dodgy website somewhere, though that won’t really help your business.

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Adidas' Twitter feed shows that agile marketing isn't always off the cuff

The Oreo super bowl ad is often held up to be the perfect example of agile marketing in action.

In truth there have been a number of similarly effective and timely tweets from brands but Oreo grabs all the plaudits for some reason, probably due to the fact that it coincided with one of the world’s biggest sporting events.

Adidas is one example of a brand that consistently produces effective marketing tweets that give the impression of being off the cuff and reactive to events, even though they were clearly planned ahead of time.

For example, just last night Adidas’ UK marketing team tweeted an image congratulating Andy Murray on winning the prestigious BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.

Don't believe the hype

Don't believe the hype: Google+ does not mean great SEO

Yesterday, I had a rather heated debate with a fellow online marketer, on one of the most popular topics within SEO at the moment: Namely, the impact of Google+ (and its +1s) on search rankings - or lack of, to be more precise. 

Let me start this post with a couple of caveats. First up, whilst I'm very much on record as not being a fan of Google+ (I *may* have called it 'The King's New Clothes of Social Networking' a few times) my opinion about the topic in question is entirely unrelated to this.

I may not be a fan, but I certainly recognise the impressive offering Google have developed in the fight against Facebook. I have a Google Plus profile, I encourage our clients to use it too and I pop on there at least once a week to see what's what.


The British Gas Twitter meltdown: What could #AskBG have done better?

As I write this energy supplier nPower is currently in the midst of a mini-Twitter storm following announcements of an 11% price hike about to hit consumers, but the backlash is nothing compared to the furious storm that hit British Gas last week following a similar price increase.

So what made British Gas the subject of so much fury, and how could they have handled the situation better? 


Do Twitter images really increase engagement?

With more than 9,000 messages being sent every second, Twitter can be a noisy place, so it's always important to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Luckily, Twitter has a few features that can help, including Twitter Cards, promoted tweets and images. 

Over on Facebook, posts that include optimised images receive around 120% more engagement. Research suggests that the same is true on Twitter, so I decided to test this out.


Tell me you love me: use of 'favouriting' on Twitter soars

Do you favourite tweets on Twitter? Has your use of this feature increased over the last year?

If the answer is yes, then you are not alone.


Cheggers gets wrists slapped by ASA for promo tweets

In the latest high-profile case of Twitter celebrities getting their wrists slapped by the ASA, Keith Chegwin has been sent to the virtual naughty step for not disclosing a promoted tweet he posted some time ago.

The tweet in question, posted at an unspecified time last year (and now deleted), suggested to Chegwin's followers that they might like to visit a certain gambling website which he was the face of.

I won't mention their names here, as I'm sure they're getting plenty of SEO value from the coverage they're already getting.

Either way though, by posting his tweet without using an ASA-approved hashtag such as #ad or #spon, Cheggers broke one of the ASA's golden rules.

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Is Twitter creating a VIP customer service channel?

Order something online from your favorite retailer only to receive the wrong product? Stuck at a crowded airport after multiple flights were cancelled?

In a perfect world, the common occasional mishaps that are to be expected when engaged in commerce wouldn't be such a big deal. They'd be resolved appropriately and quickly with little effort. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world and such mishaps are frequently just the start of a major headache that is caused by poor customer service.

Econsultancy 100,000 Twitter followers

How @Econsultancy got 100,000 Twitter followers [Infographic]'re not generally ones to blow our own trumpets here at Econsultancy, but last week our main Twitter account (@Econsultancy, feel free to follow us!) sailed past the 100,000 followers mark.

That's quite a milestone in anyone's books, so I decided to take a closer look at our followers, who they are and what they do (and of course, what they're worth... ).

It turns out, there are a LOT of facts and figures flying around that are fascinating to look at, and what better way to compile them than in that most tweet-worthy way: An infographic.

We'd also like to say thanks to everyone there for helping us get to this point, we've learned a huge amount about every aspect of our business thanks to your feedback and had a great time along the way. 

Anyway, enough gushing, check out the stats! 


20 simple ways to get more retweets on Twitter

I’ve touched upon this subject before but thought I’d compile a post specifically aimed at bloggers / writers / content creators.

Many brands are investing in content like never before. They use blogs and social networks to attract traffic, and to encourage people to share their posts.

So what do they need to think about to try to increase the amount of sharing on Twitter?


DataSift gives access to two years of Twitter data

More than two years of Twitter data has been made available to marketers through social data platform DataSift.

Data doesn’t come much bigger than the estimated 250m tweets that users fire off every day, and Datasift’s cloud-computing platform hosts more than half a petabyte of historical information dating back to January 2010.

I Will Tweet for $5

Do sponsored messages ever work online?

Visibility is everything online, so reaching thousands of people in an instant is something a lot of businesses crave.

This leads many brands to try sponsored messages, but do they actually work, and when they don’t work what’s the PR risk?

“I will share your messages twice over 150,000 Twitter followers and 10,000 Facebook friends to help boost your traffic views for $5” reads just one advert on

How can you lose? The seller has 299 positive reviews and 220 people have starred (liked) the service. Surely this is proof that sponsored messages work, right?