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Google's new real-time search is as bad as Bing's

The data collected on Twitter may create interesting new opportunities for search engines, and that's why the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing, have done deals to gain access to Twitter's firehose.

But applying Twitter data to search in a meaningful way has proven to be a bit tough. Although there's the potential to use Twitter data as a signal for traditional SERPs, or to display 'real-time' results within the SERPS, search engines are also interested in providing consumers with search experiences explicitly built around real-time information.


Twitter's 50m daily tweets and what they mean for brand marketers

How active is Twitter? In a blog post yesterday, Twitter revealed that 50m tweets are now being sent across the Twitterverse on a daily basis. As Twitter's Kevin Weil points out, that's around 600 tweets per second.

Needless to say, the growth in Twitter's activity level, as measured by tweets, is impressive. In 2007, its first full year in operation, Twitter saw an average of 5,000 tweets per day.


20 tweets that show how travel firms use Twitter

I recently tried to answer the 'but what can we tweet about?' question for an online retailer by way of a list, entitled 'The 27 varieties of tweet used by online retailers'.

20 types of tweet used by online travel firms

A quick scan across the Twitter feeds managed by retailers proved that there's more to tweeting than simply pushing out deals and special offers. Examples of tweets included communicating website downtime, driving in-store visits, casting calls for TV ads as well as the more obvious coupons and time-limited offers.

So what would the average travel company tweet about? Again, there's huge scope for airlines, hotels and travel operators to use Twitter in a variety of ways, to boost engagement, satisfaction and sales. Let's now look at some examples...


The 27 varieties of tweet used by retailers

The 28 varieties of tweet used by retailersI had a conversation the other day with a retailer who was interested in social media, but who didn’t know what to make of Twitter. It went a little bit like this:

She: “Isn’t it just another way of pushing out offers?”

Me: “Yes.”

She: "What else can we tweet about?"

Me: "You'd be surprised..."

So by way of a more detailed answer I thought I'd compile a list of the different types of tweet posted by retailers. There is a lot more to Twitter than simply firing out offers. Retailers use Twitter in lots of different ways, rather than simply tweeting about product promotions and hoping for the best.

I’ll outline the various types of tweet in this article, but first, a word to the wise…


Twitter: the 13 types of tweet to take notice of

Twitter has many uses for our business beyond sending us traffic and spreading word about our articles, research and events.

While it is now our fourth-largest referrer, Twitter is more than simply a people hose. By tuning in to tweets we listen to user feedback, which helps keep us on our toes. It is useful in a wide number of areas, some of which I have listed below.

Some recommendations and questions are easier to deal with than others, but we certainly take note of all of them.