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Q&A: Whatusersdo's Lee Duddell on UX testing

Lee Duddell is the Founder of WhatUsersDo, a UK based company that offers online user testing to customers including O2, Dixons, ASOS and Schuh.   

For examples of these user testing videos, see the site reviews we have done of Four Seasons and the Thomas Cook tablet experience

I've been asking Lee about the challenges of starting the company, the common user experience problems unearthed by testing, and how he sees the UX market developing in the next few years.

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User tests: How well does Thomas Cook work on iPad?

Tablets are a big deal for online retailers, with stats showing high AOVs and conversion rates, so it makes sense for websites to provide an excellent experience for users of these devices.

Thanks to some user testing videos from, I've been looking into the user experience offered by Thomas Cook for tablet users. 

The user tests uncovered some serious problems with Thomas Cook on tablets, issues likely to cause customers to abandon the site. 

Here's a summary of the issues... 


E-commerce calls to action: 10 best practice tips

Call to action buttons need to jump out at the shopper and leave them in no doubt about the next step they need to take to make a purchase.

Visitors can have low attention spans, and an effective call to action which catches the customer's eye can make it clear what the next step should be. 

There is no definitive answer on which buttons work best, so it is important to test different combinations of colour, button size, wording and placement to see what is most effective.

As a general rule though, if it doesn’t stand out clearly on the page, there is room for improvement.

Here are some tips on designing and displaying calls to action...


Ask the audience: how do I user test?

There are currently some brilliant tools for carrying out user testing on your website. The basic premise is to invite a number of people on to your website to complete a specific task.  

You then gather feedback about their experience which will highlight any usability issues.


How Appliances Online improved its product pages

Appliances Online has been making some improvements to its product pages recently, and has let me in on the process and the results, which includes a 9.5% jump in sales. 

With the help of videos showing users interacting with the product pages, the retailer was able to both identify improvements, and check that they had the desired effect. 

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67 questions usability testing can answer

From experience, usability testing is THE most enlightening and powerful activity that brands can carry out to answer an extensive range of questions which can be crucial to how their website performs.

As well as providing genuine evidence of what people are doing on websites, usability testing provides compelling insights as to WHY people are doing what they are doing. OK, stay with me on this, I know I’m not enlightening anyone so far with this statement…

The problem (or opportunity) is the term usability testing, or user testing, whichever you prefer to use. Testing is much more than just testing the ‘usability’ of a website, much more than just testing how affective a website is in achieving its goals.

Waitrose redesign

Waitrose's redesign: where did it go wrong?

Waitrose relaunched its online shopping service recently, and this prompted a hail of complaints on its own discussion board and several column inches of negative publicity in newspapers and blogs. 

The list of complaints ranges from performance speed to pure usability issues. Implementing change to an existing service can be difficult so we decided to test the new site with some potential users to see if this was a case of people reacting badly to something new, or whether indeed there was valid reason for concern.


Nine women x nine hours = nine usability insights

No matter how many times I am involved in user testing sessions, I never stop learning about people's browsing habits and the different aspects of a company’s proposition that affect how people respond to a given website.

Recently we have carried out two days of user testing for a high street retailer, and although these aren’t groundbreaking, what follows are nine key online shopping insights that all nine women (there should have been 10 but we had a late no-show) who took part provided during the test sessions.


Ten free usability testing tools

There are plenty of tools around which allow website owners to conduct tests and attempt to identify problem areas on their websites.

I've listed ten of the best free usability testing tools, which are either completely free of charge, or allow users to try before they buy. If I'm missed any good ones, let me know... 


Boden: site review

Clothing retailer Boden recently relaunched its website, with a new look, and some new features, such as an 'outfit maker', and more product videos. 

I've been taking a closer look at the new site, as well as watching some other users trying to browse and select items from Boden... 


Can Microsoft persuade users to switch to Bing?

Microsoft is launching a TV ad campaign this week to attempt to persuade web users to make the switch from Google to Bing. 

After seeing the Bing ad, which attacks the 'information overload' of Google's results, presumably a few Google users will be persuaded to give Bing a try, but will they be impressed enough to stick with it?


Judging by some user testing I've seen, it will take a lot more from Bing to get users to make the switch... 


Take five seconds to test your call to action and USP

Horse behind a fenceYou may be focused on improving the conversion rate for your website, or simply wanting to ensure that your visitors can quickly get an idea of what you do and offer.

Whatever your goals, having a clear proposition and call to action are two areas that can have a positive impact on your business performance.

In this post I will be talking about a web application that you can use to help you and your business gain invaluable insights from end users.