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11 examples of crappy UX from news websites

Many news sites are struggling to make any money from this whole internet thing, so it's natural that some are looking to maximise income wherever they can. 

Unfortunately, while perhaps they should be looking to ecommerce channels and elsewhere, adding more ads is the natural reaction, and this has drawbacks for the user experience. 

I regularly see ad formats which should have died years ago, as they interrupt the user experience and may drive many to ad blockers, or just to abandon the site. 

Here are a few examples... 


Engineering works: Transport for London’s responsive website redesign

75% of Londoners use The site gets around 8m unique users a month and each year receives 250m visits and growing (see the chart below).

So, a recently released beta version of their newly designed site is sure to generate a fair amount of user data.

I took a look around the site, to see what kind of user experience TfL (with BAE Detica and we are experience) have delivered.

Dieter Rams / The A-Z of design principles

The A-Z of UX design principles from the big tech firms / experts

I was genuinely blown away by the simplicity and usability of the government's GOV.UK website, when it relaunched last year. The new site was underpinned by 10 design principles, which the web team created to make their websites more consistent and user-friendly.

What are design principles, exactly? I rather like Henk Wijnholds' description

Design principles describe the experience core values of a product or a service. They should be written in a short and memorable way. As a designer you should know them by heart while doing a project. Good design principles are cross-feature but specific. Therefore we should always try harder than ‘Easy-to-use’. Design principles are non-conflicting.

Many companies - especially tech firms - have their own design principles, and I thought I'd compile some of the best ones in a handy cut-out-and-keep list. I've also dropped in a few sage quotes from the great and good in the world of design and user experience.


What do Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda and Ocado have in common? Poor online checkouts

Ecommerce accounts for around 5% of all grocery shopping in the UK and is set to be worth around £7.5bn this year.

That figure is predicted to grow to just over £11bn by 2016, so it’s certainly a market that’s worthy of attention.

I only recently made my first online grocery order and wasn’t particularly enamoured with the user experience, so thought I’d trial the checkouts of the three big supermarkets – Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda – plus online-only retailer Ocado.


12 usability flaws that are spoiling the mobile web

The mobile web is still a relatively new and rapidly developing medium, but that doesn’t excuse some of the awful user experience issues we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

My job requires me to spend a lot of time browsing mobile sites so I am probably exposed to these problems more than the average consumer. That doesn’t make them any less annoying though. 

So to try and raise awareness of these UX crimes and I’ve compiled a list of 12 problems that I’d love to see the back of.

Let me know of any I've missed off in the comments section.


Aviva and More Than come top in car insurance site usability study

In the competitive world of online car insurance Aviva and More Than offer the best overall user experience, according to a new report from Qubit.

Using a customised tool that scored 10 of the UK’s biggest insurers out of 100%, the two top performers both scored 76% while Admiral was the worst performer with an overall total of 59%.

Qubit’s ‘Find, Choose, Buy’ framework divides the user journey into three stages. ‘Find’ evaluates the customer search, as well as the possible alternatives on offer; the ‘Choose’ stage analyses information available, particularly on the search results and the product page, helping the customer to select the product. 

The ‘Buy’ section then examines the checkout process where the customer completes the online transaction.


A day in the life of a... Head Of User Experience

Ian Walker is Head of User Experience at Stanley International Betting, a sports betting company based in Liverpool. Here he explains what a typical day in his working life looks like.

There are a range of user experience jobs on Econsultancy's digital jobs board. Do check them out if you're looking for a new challenge. 


37% of consumers think that most mobile sites are difficult to navigate

A new report investigating consumer opinions of mobile commerce has found that there is still a perception that the mobile web offers a poor user experience.

More than a third (37%) of respondents in the EPiServer survey agreed that many mobile websites are difficult to navigate, an increase from 32% in 2011.

The survey also found that consumers are increasingly unforgiving of mobile sites and apps that aren’t up to scratch.

Almost half of respondents (47%) claim that if an app is hard to use they will stop using or delete it compared to 41% in the previous survey.

People apparently have slightly more patience with mobile sites, although 38% still said that they would stop using a mobile site that is difficult to use.


Five great UX presentations on Slideshare

While Slideshare presentations can be light on words, many of the most important UX principles still come across through the visuals alone.

Here are some favourites from our internal staff and expert network...


Branch on the go: three key lessons from innovators in the tablet banking market

Banking is boring. We all know this as one of life’s truisms. It is also an activity you usually squeeze in at lunch time with a visit to a branch, or more recently conducted surreptitiously at work on your PC.

Now the arrival of the iPad has helped move banking transactions from a work based and PC-centric activity, to a “bank on the go” and now, more recently, “a branch on the go”, experience.

This is good news for banking and banks generally.

In what for most people has at best been a neutral experience and often less than that, the arrival of the tablet has revived some of the missing components of a pleasant banking experience.

Do you like the new news feed?

Facebook changes its look for U&I

The interwebs have been ablaze with news of Facebook’s newest change for a good week. Today, they made their official announcement about upcoming changes to the News Feed.

We knew it was coming, but what does it mean?


Embarrassing predictions: a foray into mobile and tablet optimisation: part three

Welcome back. I hope you have been following my three-part blog series on tablet and mobile optimisation.

In the third and final part I will conclude my top four considerations for optimising on mobile and tablet devices. Enjoy!