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Are you making these six video marketing mistakes?

Video marketing is so prevalent that by 2016, 74% of all internet traffic will be in the form of a video.  

The reason videos are so popular is because it's far easier to consume content by watching an engaging video rather than trying to read about it.

But what do your video marketing efforts look like? Have you dabbled in a bit of video creation but failed to get any results? 

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Five helpful tips for YouTube pre-roll ads

So you already have your content. Hopefully it was well researched and will have an amazing effect on your audience when they see it.

But you aren’t happy just to wait for some magical social or viral result though, you want to give it a push, get it out there and see results now.


Seven ways you can achieve more with video

Just 15 Years ago we only had to make a film the client enjoyed and give them a VHS copy and all was well.

Times have changed and savvy media commissioners are looking for tangible returns for their spend on video.


Video content strategy: equipment, tools & other useful advice

At the beginning of this year I wrote an article detailing Econsultancy's efforts to start using more video on the blog.

Our biggest problem back then was coming up with ideas that our audience would be interested in, rather than just creating video for the sake of it.


How should you approach product videos for ecommerce?

Product videos are proven to correlate with higher online conversion rates, yet video remains an underused feature in ecommerce.

One of the reasons for this is likely the fact that it’s difficult to know where to start.

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Video content strategy: why do it & will anyone watch it?

We’re toying with the idea of creating more video content for the Econsultancy blog, so I’ve been investigating what it takes to come up with vaguely interesting content. 

To justify the time spent reading around the subject I’ve put together this blog post which looks at some of the issues I’ve been debating.