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Festival of Marketing

Announcing our Festival of Marketing Vine contest winners

Vine is beautiful. It costs nothing but time, it rewards creativity, trial and error, and patience. Many brands have made great use of Vine, and the medium is magic when its potential is realised.

So we thought we'd see what we could get our audience to create, to promote the Festival of Marketing, where Ian Padgham, Professional Viner, is one of the many speakers at our PUNCH event, just one part of a packed week.

We're giving away some Festival passes, and some tickets to Marketing Frenzy, the week's showstopping party at Fabric in London.

So without further ado, here are our first winners. We've still got some tickets to give away, so send in your entries and we'll do another roundup next week.


Using Vine and Instagram for product video

Instagram has added video capability to its iPhone and Android apps to let its users create 15-second videos and share them on Instagram or other social networks, while Twitter recently introduced Vine, its app for helping people create and share six-second videos.

For merchants, the heightened popularity of videos, and online users’ excitement about making and sharing them, means that the time is right for shareable product videos.

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#Vine Challenge: can you do better than us? Win a Festival of Marketing pass! #FoM13

How would you like to be plastered over the Econsultancy blog and win a Festival of Marketing pass or a ticket to the wrap party?

We're giving you the chance to make a vine referencing the upcoming Festival of Marketing and win a ticket to the whole festival (worth £495) or the Marketing Frenzy party at Fabric in London.

Read on for the rules and get vining!

If you don’t know about the festival (where’ve you been?) check out the main events and the Fringe and Frenzy on the Festival of Marketing website.


How retailers are using social for Fashion Week

London Fashion Week kicked off on Friday and social marketing teams have gone into overdrive trying to produce content to keep their fans and followers in the loop.

The action on Twitter focuses around the hashtag #LFW, so being a fashionable guy I thought I’d check out how retailers are getting involved in the week’s events.

All the usual suspects have begun sharing relevant content, so here’s a quick run down of how different brands are using social to make the most of fashion week...

How bite size videos are changing the way brands communicate

How bitesize videos are changing the way brands communicate

Who would have thought that the launch of micro video was going to revolutionise the way we think?

Less than 20 seconds of space is being filled with so many great and creative ideas, allowing good concepts to grow, and more importantly, allowing you and I to become part of them. 

The power of crowdsourced video projects is on the rise. Now more than ever we can see examples of campaigns that use video to tell stories that come to life through the involvement of an online community.

It was all given a kickstart with the launch of micro video (Vine and Instagram), which is now taking over the way we and brands communicate with one another. 

Have a look at how video is sneaking into our daily lives, where brands and society work together to create something that emphasises the role of creativity.


Heart attack and Vine: the best six second accounts

Word up to all the Tom Waits fans that recognise this post's headline.

I've tried to round-up some vines that haven't been featured here before, and I'll try to inspire some of you to look again at the tool. Although lots of brands started using Vine back in winter when it launched, many have forgotten about it.

It's so easy to use, and immediately marks out any Twitter account as willing to share some fun with fans. As Airbnb, and many others, show, it's also a good medium to use for competitions, as vines are easily sharable and defined by brevity and, hopefully, wit.


How NatWest, Honda, Nick Cave and QPR use Vine to respond to fans

Earlier this week NatWest began using Vine clips as a way of responding to customer service queries on Twitter.

It’s not the first time that a brand has tried to be creative with Vine, and we’ve previously reported on fashion retailers using the platform as well as brands running Vine competitions.

To give credit to NatWest, I’m not aware of any other businesses using Vine for customer service, though there are several examples of brands using the platform to respond to their followers.

Here are further details of NatWest’s campaign, as well as details of three other examples...


How to keep making content...forever

Blast it. I can’t write. I’ve been sat at my desk all morning pontificating. Trying to get something down on paper and it’s just not happening.

In the age of content marketing, writer’s block is a big problem. And frankly it’s not the first time I’ve had this problem. So how do I keep those web impressions a-rolling?

Turns out the answers fairly straightforward: I take a leaf out of the Coen Brothers book, and I write a post about not being able to write a post...

vine competition

Eight brands that have run video contests using Twitter's Vine

Since launching back in January Vine has been downloaded more than 13 million times on iOS, so there’s potentially a sizeable audience out there even taking into account people who have used the app once then never gone back to it.

As with Instagram, brands were quick to begin experimenting with Vine and several launched competitions using the platform.

This generally achieves several goals – it shows that the brand is forward-thinking and innovative, gains exposure as people will be sharing branded content with their friends, and also help to attract lots of new followers.

So having previously showcased brands that have run competitions through Instagram and Pinterest, here are eight examples of businesses that have launched contests using Vine. Not all of them were particularly successful though...


10 interesting digital marketing stats we've seen this week

Here's some statistics we've seen this week, for your delectation.

For more digital marketing stats, check out our Internet Statistics Compendium.


The value of Vine to the disinterested

I confess, there are plenty of things that make Twitter's six second video service, Vine seem to be utterly dismissible.

But that just may be its paradoxical strength, after all...


Seven tips to help create awesome Vines

Video sharing app Vine turned 100 days old last week and according to new research it has proved to be quite the success.

Data from Unruly shows that five Vine clips are shared every second on Twitter and branded Vines are four times more likely to be shared than branded online videos.

It’s also interesting to note that weekends are the most popular time to share Vines and in most cases they are more popular than all the previous weekdays combined.

We’ve previously looked at fashion brands and football teams that have begun using Vine, as well as highlighting both good and bad uses of the platform.