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60 quick social media tips for beginners

I have worked in social media before, but only as part of a wider role and only really to help out other people here and there. 

I’m therefore little more than a beginner myself, so I thought it would be good to put together a list of things I wish I’d known about the various platforms when I first started using social. 


How Wimbledon is acing social media in 2015

It will not have passed your attention that Wimbledon is taking place right now.

If it wasn’t for all the Robinson’s squash adverts then certainly for the faint murmur of Cliff Richard’s vocal exercises as he spies a distant rain cloud in the sky.

This year is particularly notable for the venerable lawn tennis tournament as it has upped its social media game in earnest, utilising a few previously untested platforms and some innovative techniques.


Why Kraft's content strategy generates 1.1bn impressions a year

Last week I wrote about IBM’s content strategy and why I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen from a tech company. 

I find it interesting to focus on individual brands to see if there’s anything to be learnt from what they’re doing content-wise, and this time I wanted to cover the Creme Egg-ruining food giant Kraft.


12 of the best branded Vines of June 2015

Only the very best branded Vines make it into our monthly round-up.

Here we celebrate the informative, the entertaining, the innovative and the interesting.

Although one or two downright bizarre ones slipped in this week.

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Why IBM's content strategy hits the mark

Content marketing can be a tricky area for brands whose products or services are not traditionally seen as ‘sexy.’ But IBM has turned that idea on its head and produced some of the most exciting content I’ve seen in any industry.   

In this post I’m going to take a look at some of the best examples of IBM’s content, and why I think this company’s strategy is so effective.


10 inspiring content marketing examples from charities

Content marketing has gone way beyond buzzword status and is now a core part of almost any well-known brand’s marketing strategy. 

As Graham Charlton mentioned in his post about ecommerce content marketing last month, it can help with anything from SEO to social reach. It can even improve sales in the long run.


10 of the best branded Vines from May 2015

Only the very best and brightest branded Vines make it into our monthly round-up.

Here we celebrate the informative, the entertaining, the innovative and the interesting. A Vine doesn’t have to be all four of those things, but doing at least one of the above will certainly help it stand out from the crowd.

Or if it leads me to make a rather excellent joke about giraffes then that’s also fine too.


Start me up! A profile of Weev

Weev is a new social video app that ‘talks back’. 

Ask a question, make a statement, or start an idea by taking a quick video, which people from all over the world can reply to with their own quick videos.

I talked to the CEO of Weev, Andrew Sachs about the app, how it’s different from the social video competition and his plans for future growth.


11 reasons why your brand should be using social video

Just in case you need any further convincing that you should give Vine, Instagram or other social video platforms a go, here’s a handy guide to why social video is important for brands.

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10 practical Vine and Instagram video tips for brands

I was recently invited to speak at the CIM social video boot camp, where I demonstrated some tips for how brands can get the best from social video apps.

In my presentation I covered a range of guidance for both Vine and Instagram video platforms, much of which I’ve already covered in the previous how to be brilliant at Instagram and Vine guides.

However as the apps have gone through many updates over the past 12 months, I thought I’d share with you some more practical, technical advice that has come to light.


12 useful content marketing examples from ecommerce brands

How are ecommerce brands using content marketing? 

In this post, I'll look at some examples from retailers which show how it can be done. 


10 of the best branded Vines from April 2015

Last month I made some fairly bold claims about Vine losing its edge.

This was a piece possibly born more of frustration more than anything else. The popularity of Vine is waning on the blog, and it feels like branded Vines are being eclipsed by Instagram videos both creatively and in shareabilty.