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10 of the best branded Instagram videos of February 2014

Here are some of the finest branded Instagram videos from February 2014, or Instavids as nobody in their right mind calls them.

Last week I discussed the future of Instagram video and Vine in the post has Instagram really killed Vine?

It seems that since the introduction of Instagram’s 15 second video capability, brands and regular users alike have begun to ignore Vine in favour of a social media platform they were already signed up to anyway.

I round-up the best branded Vines on a monthly basis (here are the best branded Vines of February) and I personally feel that there’s still massive potential for the only one-year old Vine when it comes to improving brand perception and connection. 

So what separates Vine from Instagram video apart from the obvious technical differences? Perhaps by looking at these examples of Instagram videos from brands we’ll be able to understand how each platform can exist side-by-side whilst remaining different enough to be worthy of separate time and investment.

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Has Instagram really killed Vine?

“Come out Vine, the jig is up! Put your hands where I can see them and nobody will get hurt”.

William Miller has recently published a blog post on entitled How Instagram Killed Vine for Marketers. In his post Miller, like so many social media grim-reapers before him, has declared the death of Vine with a singular swipe of his scythe.

I enjoy this kind of speculation. Especially when it comes to trends in digital marketing or even technology in general. 

From an objective point of view, it’s fascinating to observe the positivity drawn by a new platform in its start-up days, through to the vague grumbles it attracts once it’s past the early majority stage. 

Then you know it won’t be long before the race begins to be the first to announce the ‘death’ of that particular platform. We set them up to knock them down.

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14 best branded Vines of February 2014

Here are February's very best branded Vines, including efforts celebrating the month's biggest events: Valentine's Day, the Winter Olympics, Super Bowl and that time when I found my car keys.

Much like January's 14 best branded Vines, I feel it's only right to add some context before the following 72 seconds of entertainment commences, in the form of relaying the latest news about Vine.

Here it is: Vine still hasn't added a search field to its desktop site. Thanks Vine. Thanks a lot.

Anyway, on with the smallest show on Earth:

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How Converse uses social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Vine, Instagram and Twitter

Converse operates the third most popular branded page on Facebook, with 39.6m fans and 76,000 people talking about the brand.

This is according to Socialbakers' Top 100 brands on social media. However, Converse doesn’t seem to chart on any of the other social media platforms.

Converse is a progressive brand with a long history of cool associations through sport, music, comic books and video games. Being purchased by Nike, an expert brand when it comes to social media, over a decade ago should have helped strengthen its social media strategy.

However Converse seems to be lacking in certain areas. Let’s take a look at the Converse Facebook page, followed by Google+, Instagram, Vine, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Tube strike: 10 brands marketing in the moment

The best marketing in the moment is almost enough to cheer up commute-weary Londoners today.

I've rounded up 10 brands that have used Twitter, Vine or email to market in the moment and try to make the most out of the London Underground strike action.

If you've seen any more, do add them to the comments below.

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11 of the best branded Instagram videos of January 2014

Here are some of the finest Instagram videos from January 2014, or Instavids as nobody in their right mind calls them.

I’ve been doing a monthly round-up of the best branded Vines for some time now (here’s the latest edition: best branded Vines of January 2014) and I thought that in the interest of balance, I’d do the same for Instagram’s eight month old social video tool.

I’ve explained the difference between the platforms in Instagram’s 15 second video vs Vine’s six seconds and at the time of writing that article, October 2013, brands absolutely dominated Instagram’s video service with 40% of the 1,000 most shared Instagram videos being from brands.

In 8th Bridge’s latest Social Commerce report it’s revealed that, out of 872 brands surveyed, 69% of brands have adopted Instagram since its launch in 2010.

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Dissecting the 'death of Facebook'.

Here's the lastest stat: Pinterest’s Pin it button overtakes the Facebook Like on product pages. Another day, another report hammering a couple more nails into the Facebook coffin.

There’s a point where announcing the ‘death of Facebook’ feels more sensationalist than actual fact. Let’s take a glance at some of the most recent negative reports from the last couple of weeks. 

Pinterest overtakes Facebook for UK referral revenue, this comes from Adobe’s own social intelligence report from Q4 2013.

Facebook remains top for social referral traffic globally, states the Q4 2013 Shareaholic report in a more positive tone, however according to Adobe, Pinterest is quickly catching up and is likely to overtake Facebook for referral revenue in the USA this year. 

The level of active Facebook usage fell by 3% in the second half of 2013, states the latest GWI social report, with the gap between Facebook and it rivals narrowing year-on year. 

These are just the three reports we’ve covered on the blog so far, each with their own tang of negativity. Please feel free to scour the internet for further pessimistic reading.

8th Bridge has joined doomsayers with its Social Commerce IQ Retail 2013 report, in which 872 brands are analysed for their effective use of social commerce. The results are mixed for Facebook. This is where the opening Pinterest Pin it stat derives. 

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14 best branded vines of January 2014

Here are January's best branded Vines, although I may have extended the remit to include a few from late December too, as is my right as the regular publisher of this round-up. The goal-posts keep changing. I’m just like Google!

Anyway, to add some context before the cavalcade of tiny entertainments begin, what’s the latest news from the world of Vine?

It’s been a big month. Vine launched a desktop site. Yes, the major social media network that has just celebrated its first birthday finally launched a desktop site. Is it any good? Just click on my post called 13 major UX flaws on social media sites to find out. I think you may be able to guess my opinion from the title.

So once again I'm rounding-up the best Vines of the month without the aid of a search field on the very social media network that I’m discussing. Fine!

Here we go:

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How the top 100 brands use Twitter

Audiences for brands grew by 20% in Q4 2013 and brand tweets that included pictures and content links generated the most engagement. 

During Q4 2013, the top 100 brands according to Interbrand averaged 210 engagements per tweet when they added a picture link. 

This comes from the latest research by Simply Measured, analysing the Twitter activity of brands listed in the Interbrand 100, compared with the Forbes 100 Best Small Companies in America.

Here’s a look at the research along with some recommendations for brands on how to increase their engagement.

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Eight NFL teams getting creative with Twitter's Vine

Since launching last year Vine has become a firm favourite at Econsultancy as it allows brands to create some really creative content.

However the app also presents a challenge for marketers, as it can be difficult to come up with entertaining and shareable ideas that fit perfectly into the six-second format.

Brands that base their marketing activities around live events obviously have a natural advantage in this respect as there’s always something to point a camera at to capture some behind-the-scenes footage.

I’ve previously highlighted several fashion brands that have begun to use Vine as part of their social marketing, but professional sports are another obvious example of an industry that should be experimenting with the six-second videos.

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How Lowe’s nails social media through Vine, Pinterest and Facebook

I’ve been feeling in a home improvement mood lately.

Perhaps just because it’s January, perhaps just because I like the way I look with a tool-belt strapped around my waist. Either way I’ll be growing a bristly moustache, keeping an assortment of spare nails in a coffee cup and seeking out US home improvement store Lowe’s for all my hammering and buzzsawing needs.

This article will take a look at how the almost 70-year-old hardware chain has recently made tremendous strides in its social media reach by treating social media not as a single entity, but by realising that audiences use different channels for different reasons and tailoring its content accordingly.

So pour some three-day old coffee into a cup that’s never been cleaned, pop your squared off pencil behind your ear and let’s begin.

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Top of the social Premier League: Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool & Spurs

Arsenal are apparently the most talked about Premier League team on social media, followed by Manchester United, Liverpool, and Tottenham.

The rankings were calculated by RadiumOne based on the number of stories shared about each team on popular sports news websites, combined with how effectively each club has been interacting with its fans in the 30 days leading up to the 20th game of the season.

Personally I’m just pleased to see Spurs back in the top four, but it’s also worth investigating further to assess how each club approaches social media.

As such, here’s a quick look the Twitter feeds of the four clubs that top RadiumOne’s rankings. And for more information on this topic, read Ben Davis’ in-depth post detailing Manchester United's strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Sina Weibo...