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Visa gets into iPhone payments — fees and all

Companies large and small have been getting into mobile this year. And one market that looks particularly promising is the mobile payment space. Considering that everyone from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is interested in making a mark on mobile payments, it's curious that no major credit card company has debutted a product yet.

That's changing with Visa's new In2Pay protective iPhone case. The iPhone sleeve turns Apple's smartphone into a credit card machine. Considering Visa's established dominance in the payment space, this product could help position the company in mobile. But it does not eclipse the fact that there is still a big space for innovation if someone can do it all cheaper. 


NBC has a new social strategy for the Olympics. But old prime time habits die hard.

With the impressive dedication that NBC and its top advertisers have taken to the internet for this Olympic games, some have gone so far to dub the 2010 Winter Olympics the "Social Games." But there is one small snag in NBC's rush to move toward real-time. The network still isn't showing video of major sporting events in real time — online or often even on television.

In the 2008 games, it was hard enough to supress live commentary online. But now, with Olympians, viewers and even NBC keeping up a running Olympic commentary, it's even harder to hold onto precious video content until prime time. It also doesn't help that NBC is giving spoilers with its live blog coverage.


Can a new credit card defeat online card fraud?

Make no doubt about it: the criminals are winning the war when it comes to online fraud. This is one fight that isn't even close.

From credit cards to identities, theft and fraud on the internet has been a boon to criminals of all shapes and sizes.


Visa teams with Flickr for global community

visa goIt's shaping up to be a big week for social media. Now Visa is making some social media news, this time on a more conventional platform than other recent entries, like Skittles.  The credit card is launching its first global advertising campaign, complete with a microsite, rich media banner ads with live video feeds from international locations, and a multicultural twist on Flickr.

The "More People Go With Visa" campaign's microsite will feature a "Gosaic," which is Visa-speak for a collection of images submitted by people through Flickr along with recommendations from them about experiences that can be enabled through a Visa card. The "Gosaic" will feature more than 200 merchant offers delivered to users depending on their interests, location, and time of day. The whole thing launches with ads on Fox's "American Idol" tomorrow night, March 4.

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