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30 stunning cinemagraphs that will blow your mind

Online communication, particularly via social media, is gradually becoming more visual. And with that comes an increasing number of ways to hit people in the eyes with something beautiful. 

Not literally, of course. You can get arrested for that sort of thing.

More interesting than a photo and less-annoying than an autoplay video, cinemagraphs are fast making a name for themselves in the world of digital marketing. 


Three great examples of high-performing visual content marketing

In my last blog post I explored the reasons why content marketing with visuals leads to significant improvements in web and social engagement.

Now I bring you the proof, with a few real life examples I found while doing research.


Facebook top for social referral traffic, Pinterest comes second: report

In recent months there have been several reports that Facebook is a dying network that can’t stem the flood of teens leaving it for instant messaging apps.

However last week we published data which showed that Facebook is still hugely popular among all demographics, particularly on mobile, and now a separate report shows that Facebook is still easily the most important social network for referral traffic.

The data from Shareaholic examines the breakdown of overall referral traffic for more than 200,000 websites in Q4 2013.

Facebook easily comes out on top with an average of 13.8% of overall referral traffic, followed by Pinterest on 4.3%.

Twitter was third for social referrals with 1.1% in Q4, while Google+ came last with just 0.05%.

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